Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is either a new Hitler or another Lenin

September 26, 2016

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is either a new Hitler or another Lenin
By David Semple

The rise of Jeremy Corbyn has led to a rise in antisemitism within the Labour Party on a scale hitherto unheard of during the post-war era in Britain. Labour was a party that traditionally had the support of the majority of Jewish voters in Britain, in addition to being a strong supporter of Zionism under most of its leaders, including Ramsay MacDonald, Harold Wilson, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Ed Miliband (that non-Jewish Jew who was caught on camera struggling with a bacon sandwich) did much damage to Labour’s support within the Jewish community by supporting a parliamentary vote to recognize Palestine as an independent Arab state two years ago. This resulted in a large part of the Jewish vote switching to the Conservative Party in the general election of May 2015.

Since the election of Corbyn as Labour leader in 2015, and the formation of the militant Momentum group, there has been a huge rise in antisemitic rhetoric, abuse and bullying. This year’s inquiry into antisemitism in the Labour Party was a whitewash, which was obviously manipulated by the Labour leader himself (a man who could not bring himself to utter the word “Israel” in a speech to the Labour Friends of Israel). Corbyn seems only to be interested in the affairs of the Palestinian Arabs living under what he calls “occupation”, even within Jerusalem.

Now Corbyn has been re-elected by party members, with an increased majority. This is in spite of ongoing revelations of antisemitism within Labour. As Barry Shaw writes from Israel: “The political left in Britain showed they want a radical leader that festers anti-Semitism and cuddles up to radical Islamic terror organizations when they reconfirmed their support for Jeremy Corbyn to continue as leader of the Labour Party by an overwhelming majority.”

Like many on the European Left, Corbyn embraces the politics of multiculturalism and the case for open borders. He takes a distinctly anti-Western view of international affairs. He refers to Jew-hating Islamist extremist groups as “friends.” He views the failed Marxist regimes in Cuba and Venezuela with an approving eye whilst favoring the policy of taking Britain out of its alliance with the United States. There exists also a real fear that Corbyn may lead Britain towards military isolationism and nuclear disarmament if elected prime minister, leaving an already militarily weak nation unable to defend itself.

While I have never liked the Labour Party, I think the Corbyn movement has turned it into the closest we have got to a mass totalitarian movement in British history. An economic downturn or the failure to Brexit could make the Conservative Party extremely unpopular by 2020. A coalition of Scottish Nationalists and English Labour socialists may form an extreme left wing government at the next election. It probably won’t happen. But then, nobody in 1932 thought Hitler would become Chancellor in January 1933. Meanwhile, the cowardly Blairites are refusing to stand up and be counted. In 2020, they could become like the Weimar German conservatives by allowing an extremist to become PM and assume they can control him.

Even if Labour doesn’t win the next General Election, street politics and antisemitic rallies will be the politics of the Left during the 2020s. Corbyn and Momentum want to create the conditions for a Bolshevik style anti-capitalist revolution. Whether or not Corbyn is victorious in 2020, he will have successfully turned today’s young generation into a mass street protest movement of antisemitic fascists. Indeed, university students already form the nucleus of Corbyn’s vanguard. And the moderate Left will go along with them. sadly, formerly mainstream members of the Labour Party, as well as the more gullible sections of British society, are being radicalized by Corbyn’s people.

So either Labour wins in 2020 and Corbyn is a new Hitler, or they lose and Corbyn is another Lenin. Either way, it’s bad for Anglo-Jewry.