Donald Trump’s New America

Donald Trump’s New America
November 15, 2016

Donald Trump’s election victory marks a turning point in American history, similar to that which marked the ascension of Margaret Thatcher in Britain in May 1979.

Donald Trump’s New America
By David Semple

Donald Trump’s victory at the presidential election of 2016 marks a turning point in American history similar to that which marked the ascension to the premiership of Margaret Thatcher in Great Britain in May 1979. Like the rise of Mrs Thatcher, the rise of Mr Trump to the White House represents a step into the political unknown for the established order of the Western world. Mrs Thatcher came to power during an era dominated by leftist politics in both Europe and America. Jimmy Carter was in the process of trying to overturn Nixon’s America.

Britain in 1979 was clearly a broken country which had suffered almost two decades of two-party social democratic failure, heralding what seemed like an irreversible national decline into the status of a Mediterranean-style banana republic. Britain was called “the Sick Man of Europe” as the country decayed under the pressures of rising national debt and trade union bolshevism. This threatened to bring the world’s oldest democracy to the brink of political collapse. People began to talk about the possibility of military coups if Labour was re-elected, only to become the servant of communist trade unions trying to undermine the traditional political order. Great Britain was no longer great, having never recovered from the American betrayal of the government of Sir Anthony Eden during the Sinai-Suez War of 1956.

Margaret Thatcher offered the British public a return to traditional conservative values, with promises of reduced taxation, reduced government spending and the hard economic disciplines needed to rebuild society with a strong work ethic. Most importantly, she promised to curtail the excessive powers of the country’s trade unions, a policy which had already failed under her Conservative predecessor Edward Heath. Mrs Thatcher, however, succeeded in the end. But political pundits at the time thought that she would fail. Few mainstream British observers understood that Mrs Thatcher was dead serious. They thought the same old social democratic policies were here to stay.

The state of the nation of the great American Republic of the 21st century is similar to that of Britain when Mrs Thatcher was elected as prime minister. Slow growth and high unemployment in America since the great economic crash of 2008 tells the same story as the economic plight of Britain during the years following the small depression of 1974, only to be followed by another depression in 1979. War fatigue plagues Obama’s America, now fighting a record number of campaigns in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and Libya, with no victory in sight against Islamic terrorists all over the Middle East region. Eight years ago, in Iraq and Afghanistan, President George W. Bush had succeeded in pushing al-Qaeda out of both Iraq and Afghanistan, whereas today the tentacles of Islamic terrorism, whether ISIS, al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, the PLO and other related organizations, are spread all over the world, in Paris and Los Angeles, Istanbul and Brussels, not just in the Muslim world. Under the leadership of Obama, the United States leaves an air of contempt for American power as it retreats from the Middle East, handing the region over to Putin’s Russia and the Ayatollahs of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Israel is the only Western power of substance in the Middle East today.

Hillary Clinton this year offered the American public a continuation of Obama’s march towards the Europeanization of America, progressive welfarism based on the Gaullist model of dirigiste corporatism, with the government very much an active player in the lives of the American people. Her political vision embraced the European supra-national concept applied to uniting North and South America under a socialist model of global governance with open borders to immigration, in effect open borders to terrorism. Mrs Clinton wanted America to become a politically correct multicultural society wherein the Anglo-Saxon values of her forefathers were reduced to a status where they were left to compete with the values of other ethnic communities. Her America represents the death of the United States which drafted the world’s greatest democratic constitution. The new America of the Clintons and the Obamas owes more to the Marxist politics of their mentor, Weather Underground terrorist Saul Alinsky, than to the liberal America of the Age of Reason and the Founding Fathers of the United States.

Donald Trump has emerged with a vision similar to that of Mrs Thatcher; a return to traditional American values and a plan to rebuild the nation as one wherein all Americans become part of the American Dream, a dream which has all but died in recent decades. Like Mrs Thatcher, Mr Trump is considered a reactionary, a defender of an older order. But is this not the best path for America when the new order on offer from the Democrats is built on a model of government that collapsed with the Berlin Wall in 1989 and is collapsing once again with the economic, social and moral implosion of the European Union?

Brexit for Britain in 2016 means a return to the nation-state as a defender of freedom and democracy. Mr Trump’s so-called Brexit-plus election victory has embraced a vision of rediscovering the Constitution of the United States as the defender of American freedoms and democracy. Constitutional government is what he campaigned for, and that’s what the silent majority of the American public want. They don’t want more Europe. After all, not all Americans are descended from Europeans. They want more America, the home of freedom and the protector of individual liberty, which for generations has been the beacon that attracted millions of refugees and immigrants to the New World. Mr Trump stands for the victory over Mrs Clinton’s Old World.

Donald Trump’s road to recovery

The hard part for Donald Trump was always going to be winning the election. From the beginning, he was made to feel unwelcome by the new American Establishment of the Left. Most of the media companies, whether television networks or newspapers, opposed Mr Trump and embraced the Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama new order. The Democrats, who regularly vilify all Republican presidential candidates at every election, fought a dirty election campaign to discredit Mr Trump, casting him as a sexist pig and a tax evader. Mr Trump fought back with an equally dirty campaign which cast “Crooked Hillary” as the failed representative of the policies of the past thirty years. The bulk of the senior statesmen of the Republican Party failed to endorse Mr Trump. He cast himself as a Washington DC outsider who was determined to end the corruption of the lobbyists in DC by “draining the swamp”. This campaign worked. The American public voted for Mr Trump precisely because he is not a politician and precisely because they trusted him rather than Mrs Clinton to clean up the mess in Washington DC. More importantly, Mr Trump appealed to the heartland of traditional Americans who saw him as their champion against the elite urban ruling classes of New York and Washington DC, even though, ironically, Mr Trump is a New Yorker. They voted very clearly for Americanization against Europeanization.

With a Republican majority in both Houses of Congress, Mr Trump has the same control over his political destiny as did President Obama when he was elected in 2008. The Obama presidency lost its control of the House of Representatives in 2010 and the Senate in 2014. This has resulted in a twilight presidency that began as soon as Mr Obama was re-elected in 2012. His inability to compromise with Congress and his complete lack of the negotiating skills required to promote his political endeavors has turned Obama into the longest-running lame duck president in the history of the United States. President Obama is no Lyndon Johnson; rather, he is the new Jimmy Carter, trapped in the White House and unable to do anything except in the field of foreign affairs. Obama, with the full presidential powers over foreign affairs, has given us nothing but appeasement of America’s enemies. The Iran Deal, his only foreign policy achievement, is falling apart at the seams. Mr Trump has promised to renegotiate or repeal this agreement.

Donald Trump will need to develop the necessary political skills that are so lacking in President Obama if he is to succeed in getting his policies through, even with his majority in Congress. The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, is a representative of the old Republican order. He failed completely to challenge President Obama on any issue of substance during his term of office. In Britain, we would call him a poor leader of the opposition. Worse than his incompetence is Mr Ryan’s duplicity. He has done everything in his power to work against Mr Trump during the last eighteen months of the New Yorker’s presidential campaign. If anything, Mr Trump should do everything in his power to encourage the election of a new Speaker to replace this former failed Vice-Presidential candidate, a man who added nothing of value to Mr Romney’s ticket in 2012, in contrast to the positive value added by Mike Pence to Mr Trump’s ticket.

The most important policy initiative of Mr Trump is his commitment to spend $600 billion on the American infrastructure during his first term of office. This includes rebuilding the highways and bridges that cross the country, together with reviving the inner cities which were decimated by decades of Democratic control, including Detroit, which today lies in complete ruins, a post-industrial wasteland dominated by criminal gangs and drug addiction. America, like much of Britain, is falling apart in front of our eyes. Yet during eight years of rising national debt and big welfare spending in the White House, “shovel-ready” President Obama has not spent a penny to rebuild the country. Mr Trump wants to repeat the success that President Eisenhower had in building up the American infrastructure during the 1950s.

Mr Trump wants to abandon the trade treaties which were negotiated by the administrations of Presidents Clinton and Obama. NAFTA (North American Free Trade) should not be difficult to change as Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada and the Mexican President have both agreed to renegotiate this treaty. The Trans-Pacific Treaty and TTIP look doomed, as the Republicans in Congress should support Mr Trump in these initiatives. However, Mr Trump’s promise to make those American companies that off-shore their jobs pay a 35% tariff may come up against some opposition in Congress. That’s why it is essential that the President-elect makes moves to rebuild his Republican leadership teams in both Houses of Congress. This may be difficult, however, as the president has no power to remove the Speaker of the House. For the Republicans, Paul Ryan is the joker in the pack who could make or break the Trump administration. If Mr Ryan is going to try to undermine Mr Trump, what is the point in having him in the Republican Party? He might as well be a Democrat. It’s Mr Trump, the presidential candidate of the party, who will define what the Republican Party stand for, not the Republican Congress that failed to stand up to Obama.

Remember that Hillary Clinton supports the antizionist/antisemitic Muslim Brotherhood organization which allied itself with Adolf Hitler during World War Two. This is a very important point — perhaps the most important reason we should celebrate Mr Trump’s victory. A vote for Mrs Clinton was a vote for the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet the left-wing media, which supports both the Clintons and the Muslim Brotherhood, also accuses Mr Trump’s new Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon, of being an antisemite. Frontpage Magazine’s David Horowitz, America’s greatest champion in the media war against the Marxist/Muslim alliance which Obama has spearheaded for the last decade, has defended Mr Bannon: “I have known Steve Bannon for many years. This is a good man. He does not have an antisemitic bone in his body. In his new position as Chief Strategist in the Trump White House, Bannon is the strongest assurance that people who love this country can have in America’s future, the strongest assurance that America is in the hands of people who will give this country a chance to restore itself and defend itself against its enemies at home and abroad.” If Steve Bannon is good enough for the great David Horowitz, he should be good enough for all our good readers.

Ultimately, it is political power that counts between elections, and nothing else. Donald Trump knows what he is doing. He knows what his voters want. And he will use all his power and diplomacy to achieve his goals, which amount to nothing less than a complete transformation of American policy away from the failed actions of the Clinton/Obama years. He has even refuted the legacy of George W. Bush, who is, in my opinion, the only president of the last forty years to face the demon of Muslim terrorism upfront with some degree of success. Mr Trump will find himself fighting the same War on Terror that President Bush bravely fought after the Muslim declaration of war on 9/11. This will be the real test of the Trump presidency.

On foreign policy, Donald Trump has made the same promises of peace and prosperity as did President Bush in the election of November 2000. He has made it clear that he will stop the tide of Muslim terrorists coming into America, starting with the termination of the Syrian refugee program. That is a wise and sensible policy. Most of the Syrian refugees are Sunni Muslims who share the same ideology as Osama bin Laden. Mr Trump must also drain the Muslim Brotherhood swamp in Washington DC if he is to have any chance of defending the American homeland. President Obama and Mrs Clinton have been the most dangerous allies of the Muslim Brotherhood enemy within. Mr Trump could start with banning CAIR, the Hamas Arab terrorist organization which operates freely within the United States and has penetrated the inner halls of the White House.

Ultimately, it is in foreign policy that American presidents leave their legacies to the world. And it will be on foreign policy which President Trump will be judged and upon which he will succeed or fail. Our first sign of hope is Mr Trump’s positive attitude to Israel. Under most American presidents, Israel has been treated as a troublesome ally who provokes Arab anti-Western sentiments. This attitude, especially held by Presidents Clinton and Obama, has led the United States down a twenty-year path of appeasing and funding Palestinian Arab terrorists while doing their best to compromise the national security of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East. President Bush, although he supported the misguided Two-State Solution which has failed miserably, did at least promise to guarantee the territorial integrity of the State of Israel. President Obama refused to do this. Donald Trump has seen that America can only rely on Israel when it comes to protecting American interests in the Middle East — that the ideological bond between America and Israel transcends all other matters. Thus, he has dismissed the Two-State Solution as unworkable and impossible in the current political environment.

The State Department, another section of the Washington swamp that needs draining, will not like this change of policy. That’s why it is very important for Mr Trump to appoint a strong supporter of Israel to the office of Secretary of State. Two possible candidates are former Senator Newt Gingrich and former US Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton. The appointment of either one of these will in itself transform American foreign policy. Much has been made of Mr Trump’s less hostile attitude towards Russia during the campaign. I will discuss this in detail in a future article. Working with Russia to fight ISIS and the Sunni jihadis in Syria, Mr Trump’s proposed policy, makes a lot more sense than President Obama’s fake Cold War with President Putin.

Already, even while President Obama still sits in the White House, we can get a sense of just how much Donald Trump’s victory is a complete defeat for the Obama strategy of embracing America’s Muslim enemies while distancing the United States from its friends. This has led to the illusion that the United States is in decline. What is in fact in decline is the appeasement strategy of Barack Obama. The United States’ worst enemy has been its own president, and Mr Trump realizes this. Mr Trump’s election victory has saved the United States from going further on its journey down the road to socialist serfdom that Presidents Clinton and Obama started during the post-Cold War years. His victory, like that of Mrs Thatcher in 1979, is half the struggle. The problem with America was President Obama, not the American people.