Echos of Germany’s dark past in today’s UK

In the eyes of the British Left, the enemies of the people are big corporations, wealth creators, Jewish bankers and Zionists

Echos of Germany’s dark past in today’s UK 

By David Semple

You can feel it in the air. Something is not right as we change from spring to the summer solstice. Two thousand years ago, in the period between the two eras of Roman occupation, the Ancient Britons were painting themselves blue at Stonehenge. After the Romans left 400 years later, this strange race of people had become Christians and no longer worshipped the pagan gods. The English moved in and the Ancient Britons moved to the Celtic fringes of the island. Christian England, the new country that was carved out of the southern parts of Britain, brought a whole new revolution in the spread of freedom and law and order to the new nation and then to the whole world. And it was a glorious history.

However, Christian England is today dying in front of out very eyes. Generation Zero knows nothing of its history or its achievements, which include Magna Carta and the English Reformation. It only knows what its Marxist teachers and professors deem to be important for the advancing of the Marxist cause. The class struggle against traditional English Christian values, against English freedom and against English history is raging all over the country.

Generation Zero has drawn a huge blank over the distant memory of their ancestors. They want justice. Justice for the victims of Islamophobia. Justice for the victims of capitalism. Justice for the victims of the Jewish bankers who they think controls the world. Islam is the fasting growing religion in the country. Generation Zero wants justice for the mythical Palestinian Muslim people.

England is ceasing to be a free society; rather, it is a society infested with hatred. Hatred against Jews. Hatred against the idea of England itself by a Marxist academic establishment which teaches children to hate England’s traditional political heritage. Last Sunday the haters flooded out onto the streets of London to demonstrate against the existence Israel in the annual Al Quds parade.

Speaking through a loudspeaker at the front of the demonstration, a man said: “This demonstration calls on justice for Grenfell.

“Some of the biggest supporters of the Conservative Party are Zionists.

“They are responsible for the murder of the people in Grenfell.

“The Zionist supporters of the Tory Party. Free, Free, Palestine!”

Grenfell is the name of the 24-story apartment building in the North Kensington district of London which burnt down last week, killing almost eighty people during the night. This was more than an anti-Israel mass demonstration. It was also a hate parade against Jews, Jewish bankers and the non-existent “Jewish conspiracy to control the world”, as laid out in the totally fictional Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion, a bestselling book in the Muslim world. For at the core of Islam and the Koran is the same ideological hatred of the Jewish people and Judaism as there is in the pages of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

Most of the Al Quds people were Muslims, but they were also joined by English antisemites and Marxist radicals, most of whom hate Jews as much as did Karl Marx, a rabid antisemite of the Victorian era.

David Collier, a pro-Israel English writer, went undercover with the Al Quds people and heard the nasty side of this demonstration at first hand:

“Nazim Ali on the megaphone spewed out hate. Here the organisers did not disappoint; a rancid, antisemitic tirade that suggested the ‘Zionists’ (read Jews) are the root of all evil. All manner of antisemitic conspiracy was shouted out through the speakers. The BBC are silenced through the power of Zionists, the Board of Deputies have blood on their hands, Israel is ISIS. The crowd is told Zionism to its core is a ‘fascist, evil ideology’. By a country mile the most despicable attack was linking the ‘Zionists’ (read Jews) to the recent tragedy in Grenfell. An entire tower block reduced to ashes, and clearly the fault of the Jews. The police did nothing. When asked about some of the hate being spewed: ‘It’s an opinion’ one said.”

A prominent supporter of such rallies is Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party, and just one general election away from becoming the next British prime minister. This is most disturbing, for Mr Corbyn has appeared at demonstrations against Israel alongside prominent leaders of Hezbollah and Hamas, not to mention the PLO. His emotional attachment to the PLO is so deep that he laid flowers three years ago at the grave of one of the terrorists who murdered Israel athletes at the Munich Olympics over forty years ago.

No previous prime minister or leader of the Opposition has ever openly supported and promoted terrorists and terrorist sympathisers as much as the Labour leader. Mr Corbyn calls his terrorist friends “freedom fighters” even though the very same organizations he supports have as their goal the overthrow of Western civilization. All evidence points towards Mr Corbyn sharing the same goal. In his case however, Mr Corbyn wants to overthrow the traditional democratic nature of England, together with its freedom of speech and its free market system.

For Jeremy Corbyn is a Marxist in Labour clothing. He wants the people of the country to put their destiny in the hands of the state. For Mr Corbyn, the supremacy of the state in all areas of public and private life is the ultimate solution to all the problems of English society. The enemies of the people, in Mr Corbyn’s world, are the Jewish bankers, the big corporations and the wealth creators, the middle classes who aspire to traditional English values and those who are against Arab Palestinian nationhood inside Israel. For Israel is the demon state which Mr Corbyn and his supporters most revile. They see it as “occupied Muslim land,” as do indeed the Arabs.

Another famous political leader in Europe during the 1930s held the same views about Jewish bankers and Jewish nationalism that the Corbynistas hold today. Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Party was a protest movement like the one being created by Mr Corbyn. Hitler did not like the political and economic system of the Weimar Republic just as the current Labour leader does not like the English political and economic system. Hitler decided to nationalise the German people after he took his protest movement into government in 1933. Jeremy Corbyn is living out his own 1932 moment this week in 2017 with dreams of nationalising the English people.

Mr Corbyn’s path to power may not necessarily go through the democratic route which worked for Hitler in 1932 and 1933. Rather, he is doing his best, through the Momentum organisation (the jeans-and-t-shirted version of Hitler’s Brown Shirts), to turn the young generation away from traditional English democratic institutions. Street protests and public demonstrations are Mr Corbyn’s weapons to turn the English people into class warfare revolutionaries. Thus, the shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, has called for a summer of protest against the Conservative government, with the ultimate aim of throwing Theresa May out of No 10 Downing Street.

The Nazis drew their inspiration from the trenches during the First World War. They fought bitterly against the whole world as Germany raged against the conservative powers, England and France and Russia, which tried to stop the German people’s scientific and autocratic revolution against the traditions of the Enlightenment. They felt themselves to be the future of mankind, a revolutionary force which was unstoppable. Not one inch of the war was fought on German soil. Their destiny was to make Germany the greatest power in the world. They almost succeeded, too. But they were defeated fairly and squarely on the battlefields of the Middle East and the Western Front. They lost the war and their English and French speaking enemies were the victors.

The German soldiers from the trenches never accepted the result. They blamed the “November criminals” who overthrew their beloved Kaiser in 1918 and signed the Armistice. Most of all, they blamed the Jews. This generation of lost soldiers continued to rage against the imaged conspirators who defeated Germany and introduced the democratic Weimar Republic which they so despised. They celebrated thousands of days of rage over the next decade as they protested on the streets.

Hitler emerged as their new savior, promising to destroy the Jews and revive the German mission to decide the future of mankind. The Nazis never stopped protesting, even when they seized control of the reins of power in 1933. The Third Reich fought a permanent revolution against their communist totalitarian rivals in Russia and the English and French speaking conservative powers.

Hitler and Germany raged against Judaism, Christian ethics, Jewish bankers (which they saw as controlling the English, the Americans and the Soviets). The Nazis raged against the traditions of Western civilization. They allied themselves with the Muslim enemies of England and France to overthrow the conservative powers. And they failed miserably. Hitler’s rage, military rage and terrorist rage against the English conservative system of freedom and democracy, together with his permanent revolution against the Modern Age almost brought the world to its knees. But Hitler and the Nazis lacked the moral and ethical advantage of their enemies.

Hitler finally raged against the failure of German national socialism but that rage was not enough to stop the march of freedom which brought about the defeat of the Nazis. English conservatism won against Germany’s revolution.

Jeremy Corbyn represents the rage of the Marxists in English politics who supported the postwar political revolution which lasted three decades before bringing about the near economic collapse of the country in the late 1970s. Like Hitler, Mr Corbyn hates English conservatism. Like Hitler, Mr Corbyn wants to complete his failed revolution, which was defeated by English conservatives. The Attlee socialist revolution failed. It made the country poorer and brought about a decade of confrontation between Labour and Conservative governments in Whitehall and the communist trade union leaders who wanted to move forward to full-fledged communism, in order to finally bring about the demise of capitalism.

The nation did indeed come to the brink of complete chaos when the trade union masters who controlled Labour tried to bring about the demise of the government of James Callaghan, the first Labour prime minister who woke up to the sad reality that the state could not solve all the problems which were tearing the nation apart.

Margaret Thatcher defeated the Attlee revolution and brought back order from the brink of chaos. She reversed all the policies of the Attlee government except those agreed with the Conservatives during the Second World War, the Beveridge Report and the National Health Service. Labour finally rejected Marxism and emerged victorious as New Labour at the turn of the century. But raging below the surface during the years of Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair were extremely bitter Marxist public servants and trade union leaders who wanted revenge for the success of Mrs Thatcher in reviving the conservative soul of the nation.

The Labour Left, represented by Tony Benn and Ken Livingstone and Jeremy Corbyn, rejected their defeat during the Thatcher and Blair years and waited for the Third Way to collapse after the economic crash of 2008. In particular they did not like Israel and identified their struggle for social justice in England with the anti-Jewish revolutionaries of the PLO and other terrorist organizations dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish state.

Indeed, Tony Blair was given his marching orders precisely because he was pro-Israeli. With the victory of the public sector trade unions in electing Ed Miliband as Labour leader after the defeat of Gordon Brown in the 2010 general election, the Left and Mr Miliband put the Palestinian cause at the top of the Labour agenda. The rise of Jeremy Corbyn, however, has changed everything in British politics.

In two short years he has completely taken control of the Labour Party. MPs who originally opposed his leadership have all come on board to support Mr Corbyn, thanks to the disastrous election campaign of Theresa May’s Conservatives, who are now trying to manage a minority government. Labour has united around the statist election platform which promises to take apart Mrs Thatcher’s legacy and reverse the all the reforms of the 1980s. Worst of all, Mr Corbyn has introduced the street politics of protest against Conservative England and its traditions.

Antisemitism has taken hold of the Labour Party under his leadership and Jewish MPs like Ivan Lewis in Bury South [in Greater Manchester] are living in denial of the rabid movement within Labour politics which has embraced an agenda of promoting Muslim minorities at the expense of the country’s Jewish population. Thus, Al Quds Day and street protests in support of the Palestinians is now part of the Labour mainstream.

While the Conservatives are falling apart under the leadership of Theresa May, Mr Corbyn’s Labour is raging in protest against everything that has changed in English politics since the fall of James Callaghan’s Labour government in May 1979. Mr Corbyn is waiting to dismember not just Thatcherism but also Tony Blair’s Third Way. And the nation is in trouble, on the edge of a revolution of revenge against all the successes of Conservative governments since the dawn of Mrs Thatcher.