After September 10th…

September 11, 2017


By David Semple

September 10th 2015 was the day President Obama won his vote on the Iran Deal, using 42 duplicitous American Senators to win his battle against the people of the United States, who do not support this Iran policy. The vote on September 10th in Washington is likely to lead to another September 11th 2001.

People have short memories. I don’t. I remember vividly the tragic events of 9/11, the saddest day in American history, the day a new enemy, the terrorist jihadists of the Islamic world, declared open warfare, not just on America, but on the Western World. Since then we have seen all too many terrorist attacks on the West, including 7/7 and 21/7 in London, the Madrid train bombing, the Boston bombers and attacks on the Canadian parliament buildings and the Sydney Cafe siege in Australia. Islamist terrorists, whether they’re called al Qaeda or ISIS or Hamas, inspired by the PLO’s war on Israel and the Munich Olympics terror attacks, have taken Palestinian-style terrorism and declared jihad on the whole non-Muslim world. That includes India too. Remember the Mumbai terror attacks and bombings seven years ago?

Iran is the world’s biggest sponsors of terrorism, along with Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar. For Obama to do a deal with the Mullocracy in Tehran is tantamount to sponsoring international Jihad.

September 11th 2001 was the real end of the 20th Century, not the day the Berlin Wall dramatically came crashing down in 1989, where contemporary historians tend to place it. The short 20th Century is commonly held by Western historians to run from 1914, when the First World War began, to the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe. Before the guns of August 1914 sounded the death knell of the long 19th Century of peace in Europe, which had begun with the fall of Napoleon, Europeans experienced their golden age, when liberalism and capitalism expanded European political philosophy and culture to embrace the entire world.

The world wars fought during the period between 1689 and 1815, the long 18th Century, witnessed Britain and France in a struggle for the mastery, not just of Europe, but of the world. Britain won. France lost. A century of “Splendid Isolation” followed. Europe was dominated by empires which competed with each other in carving up the globe in the interests of peace and prosperity. This period was characterized by the growth of liberalism in the Old World. This magnificent European era heralded no major wars between the great powers set off by European territorial disputes.

Only a few minor wars broke out between the great powers, including the Franco-Prussian War of 1869 and the Crimean War, where Britain and France briefly allied with each other to support the Ottoman Empire in a dispute with Russia. The Ottoman Empire, which formed the last Muslim Caliphate, was commonly called “The Sick Man Of Europe”. Britain propped up the Ottomans from the time of Napoleon to the end of the century. Britain’s main enemy was Russia, which was expanding its domain to parts of Southwest Asia to the borders of British India. The colonial shadow war between Britain and Russia was called “The Great Game”, but this contest for the mastery of Asia did not lead to a major war. It was the decline of the Ottoman Empire that opened the floodgates for the First World War, yet disputes in the former Balkan territories that had once been the domain of the Ottomans were not the cause of the world war. The rise of Germany in 1870, a new nation formed by the union of Prussia and the German states of Western Europe, set in motion a contest between Britain and Germany, not just for European domination, but for domination of the world.

The Islamic threat to Europe, which began after Muslim invaders from Arabia destroyed the Asian and African domains of Christendom in the 7th Century, ended with the defeat of the Ottomans at the Gates of Vienna on September 11th 1683. From that day until September 11th 2001, Islam did not threaten the continent of Europe as it had done between the 7th and 17th Centuries. However, it was the German-initiated world wars of the 20th Century which forever shattered the confidence of European Civilization. The New World, in the form of the United States and the British Dominions of Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, together Great Britain, rescued Europe from Adolf Hitler’s destructive war against Western Civilization and the Enlightenment.

1917 and 1941 were the two years that sealed the fate of Europe. In 1917, Russia was taken over by the Communists, who began a 74 year war, sometimes cold, and sometimes hot through colonial wars in the Third World, against the West. Russia lost. America won. In 1917, the United States entered the First World War as Russia dropped out. Britain, for a very brief period, took on the Leninist challenge to the West. It was Hitler’s Nazism that finally brought Europe to its knees. In 1940, only Britain remained to challenge Hitler’s dark and satanic New Order after the fall of France. In 1941, Hitler turned on Russia in search of a Eurasian Nazi Empire and Winston Churchill, the saviour of Western Civilization, declared Britain’s brief wartime alliance with Stalin’s Soviet Union. Also In 1941, Churchill’s strategy to beat Hitler came to fruition with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. 1917 saw the end of continental European independence from the Anglo-American powers. This led to the fall of three European Empires and the Muslim Ottoman Empire.

Hitler tried to unite Europe, this time in the form of a totalitarian tyranny that declared war of Judeo-Christian Civilization, and Jews in particular. Hitler imagined both the Anglo-American powers and the Soviet Union to be part of one vast Jewish conspiracy. So did the Arabs, who had been liberated from the Ottomans by Britain, but resented the end of the Muslim Caliphate, defeated by Britain. The Arabs were impressed by Nazism. Hitler appointed the Palestinian Grand Mufti of Jerusalem to be the head of the Islamic world. Islam became infected by Nazism, with which it had much in common, a deep hatred of Jews and Christians and an ambition to conquer the world. 1941 led to the final demise of an independent Europe and the rise of the two great superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union.

Europe committed suicide in 1914. Great Britain, however, managed to be the only great power who had world influence after the First World War. Thanks to Britain’s failed policy of appeasement during the 1930s, Britain allowed Nazi Germany to bid for, first European, and then world power. Hitler could have been stopped when he re-militarized the Rhineland in 1936, were it not for British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden, who failed to act. Hitler could have started a war in which France and Britain would have easily defeated Germany in 1938, were it not for British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and his Foreign Secretary, Lord Halifax. Instead, faced with a German threat to invade Czechoslovakia, Chamberlain signed the Munich Agreement, which ultimately led to the destruction of Europe and the fall of the British Empire.

Neville Chamberlain, in particular, was the biggest culprit. He cut Britain’s military expenditure in 1935, signed the Munich Agreement in 1938, and fought a cowardly Phoney War against Hitler in 1939, which gave Germany the upper hand and led to the isolation of Britain from Europe. He was the worst war leader in British history.

Winston Churchill saved Britain and put all the nation’s resources into defeating Hitler. The Second World War was Britain’s finest hour. No nation has sacrificed itself in the fight for human freedom as much as Britain from May 1940 to May 1945. Churchill declared that he had not become Prime Minister to bring about the demise of the British Empire. But that’s exactly what happened. It was not Churchill’s fault. The demise of the Empire was inevitable with the decline of British financial power determined by the war effort. Britain needed America to fight Hitler, but it also needed American money, and eventually the American military machine, to defeat Hitler. Britain bore the brunt of the offensive war against Germany and Italy until 1943. The Soviet Union fought a defensive war for its life. American money, American industry and American military might secured the final victory, bailing out both Britain and the Soviet Union. Winston Churchill created a “Special Relationship” with the United States, wherein Britain became the junior partner in an Anglo-American post-war world, a world in which only Russia and the United States were superpowers. Europe became a colony of the United States in the West and the Soviet Union in the East. Communism became freedom’s great enemy. America guaranteed the freedom of Britain and Europe.

The American Century which was born in 1917 gave the world the greatest prosperity in human history. 1917 saw Germany defeated by the threat of American invasion. 1941 saw the beginning of the end for Hitler’s short “Thousand Year Reich” and the realization of America as a world power. Europe found peace and prosperity under the American nuclear umbrella.

The Old World has never recovered from the guns of August 1914. The New World, in America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia was entering its Golden Age. Europeans could longer do harm to the overseas English-speaking world after the defeat of Hitler. Europe became, for the people of the New World, its favourite museum, a place of the past, as it faded into insignificance during the Golden Age. The Old World remained old-fashioned and became increasingly bureaucratic, while the countries of New World, more innovative and dynamic, housed the new capitals of human freedom.

Israel, the only surviving civilization of the Ancient World after the debacle of Islam, is a new country which shares more characteristics with the New World than reactionary and boring old Europe.

For Israel, like America, was born out of a declaration of independence from Great Britain. While Europe, since the Six-Day War of 1967, has slowly declined and become militarily irrelevant, Israel has bloomed into what they call a “start-up nation”. Israel has proved time and time again that it can defend itself without direct military intervention from the United States. Europe, however, cannot defend itself without America. Even the bureaucratic European Union which emerged from the post-colonial era is incapable of surviving without American protection. In the new era of Islamic terrorism, only Israel is fighting directly against the Islamic states. Hitler, the nemesis of the Jewish world, brought his Nazi philosophy into the Muslim world. Today, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Islamic State and other Islamic terrorists carry on Adolf Hitler’s mission to try to annihilate the Jews. In 1940, only Britain under Churchill waged the war against Hitler’s New Order. The free world supported Britain. In 2017, only Israel and the Kurds are waging war against the Islamic tide of terror, while the free world acts directly to frustrate Israel.

The Munich Agreement of 1938 resulted in Europe being brought to its knees under Hitler. Only America was strong enough to beat the Nazis. On September 10th 2015, the United States fell into the same trap which destroyed Neville Chamberlain and eventually destroyed British power. Britain appeased Hitler because Chamberlain feared a war with, not only Germany, but also Italy and Japan. In the end, Britain failed to satisfy Hitler and got wars with all three Axis powers. Britain was a vulnerable and overstretched world power. Whereas America today cannot be touched by any other nation in military or economic capability. In addition, America has the NATO alliance with its many member states. Britain did not have that luxury at the time of Munich. Obama went out of his way to reduce American influence and power in the world. With the Iran Deal, the Obama Administration lit the flame that will allow Iran to put the Middle East on fire. The Iran Deal, which allowed the Islamic Republic to eventually acquire nuclear weapons and to expand its conventional military strength, crippled America’s ability to monitor the compliance of Tehran to the terms of the agreement. Obama purposely withdrew American troops from the Middle East and created a power vacuum which is still, during the Trump presidency, being filled by Iran and Russia. Saudi Arabia, meanwhile, is arming itself to the teeth and will probably try to acquire nuclear weapons from Pakistan.

And Israel, America’s strongest ally in the region, was betrayed by an American President. Iran has threatened, in fact threatens every week, to destroy Israel. But Obama treated Israel as Chamberlain treated Czechoslovakia in the 1930s. Like Chamberlain with Czechoslovakia, Obama was willing to expose Israel to invasion. Like Hitler with Czechoslovakia, Obama wanted to carve up Israel and give the West Bank to Palestinian Islamists who are still today intent on destroying Israel. Hitler loved the Palestinian Muslims. So did Obama. Like Hitler, Obama had a problem with Jews. That’s why Obama left Israel vulnerable to the Mullahs in Iran. For the Islamists, however, Israel is just the first country they want to destroy. Obama was too short-sighted to realise that Israel is the canary in the coal mine for Western Civilization. Iran wants to Islamize the West. So does its arch-rival Saudi Arabia. That’s why the Saudis are refusing to take any Syrian refugees. Let the West learn from its Muslim migrants, who are more useful to the Saudis in spreading the Caliphate overseas than they are in the Middle East. Like Iran, Saudi Arabia wants the elimination of Israel. Both Iran and the Saudis want to spread Islam throughout the world.

The fear we live with is that Iran and the Arabs will put their differences aside in order to destroy Israel together and then go on to Islamize Europe. Europe is more vulnerable to Muslim conquest than at any time since the Gates of Vienna on September 11, 1683.. But the Europeans are blind to this reality and prefer to boycott Israeli goods and get into bed with the Mullahs in Iran. In the 1960s, France’s Charles De Gaulle wanted to bring Europe closer to the Muslim world and, by doing so, spread Islam in Europe. Today, Angela Merkel has become the new De Gaulle. She too accepts that Islam will share the European continent with Christianity as an equal. She too has opened the floodgates for the Islamization of Europe. But Muslims do not recognize Christians and Jews as equals. They see us as infidels and kaffirs, inferior to all Muslims. Intolerance has ruled the Muslim world for 1400 years, whereas Christians and Jews have completely different values. Muslims want submission. Christians and Jews want freedom. Angel Merkel did not grow up in the free world. She was born in East Germany. Hitler, who regretted than Germans were not Muslims, would be smiling in hell today if he saw what was happening to Europe, with the revival of rabid antisemitism and the growth of Islam.

The Iran Deal changed everything in the geo-political world. America has not recovered from Obama’s retreat into isolation despite the emergence of Donald Trump. Thanks to President Obama, David Cameron, Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande, Iran will become the dominant power in the Muslim world. And Israel will be vulnerable to nuclear genocide once the Iran Deal expires.

Britain too, is not far from the slippery slope. Tragically, the government of David Cameron bought into the Iran Deal. This was a disgraceful decision by a government which no longer looked out to the wider world. Britain is militarily weak. It cannot defend itself without nuclear weapons. With the rise of Jeremy Corbyn to the leadership of the Labour Party, and with the rise of the intolerance of Corbyn’s followers, Britain has seen a serious rise in antisemitism. If Corbyn wins the next general election, Britain will turn on Israel. The Iran Deal was bad enough, but a pro-Hamas prime minister in No 10 Downing Street will put Britain on the slippery slope. Do not discount the possibility of Jeremy Corbyn winning the next election. That is all too possible after this government’s poor election result in June and the subsequent Conservative slump under the dismal leadership of Theresa May.

So where does the Iran Deal leave the West two years on? It was a corrupt agreement which compromised the moral integrity of Britain, France, Germany and America. It still stands as a white flag being held up by the leaders of the West. Two years ago it demonstrated to the Muslim World that the West did not care about Israel, the intended target of the Mullahs. After Donald Trump’s retreat from his election promise to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, nothing much has changed here. The Iran Deal stands as a monument to the West’s willingness to sell freedom down the river to accommodate tyrants. The West was and is still incapable of standing up to Muslim imperialists when those Muslim imperialists assert themselves. The West will compromise. Islamic imperialists will not. More importantly, it brings the West closer to a war with Iran, after the agreement eventually fails. By then, however, Iran may have become too powerful to be militarily defeated by an American nation, which, under the leadership of President Obama, finally gave up fighting for freedom throughout the world. Donald Trump thus far has yet to assert real American power to stop the rising power of Iran, Russia and North Korea in addition to the worldwide threat of Islamic terrorism. Remember George W Bush’s phrase “the Axis of Evil”? 

Unless the United States steers itself off its current collision course with its founding principles, the decay in American society will continue until corruption and indifference finally turns America into the same corrupt Old World of Europe from which the Founding Fathers declared independence. Two years ago, under the leadership of Stephen Harper, Canada was suddenly its own, holding up the torch of freedom to a world which was and is still becoming darker and darker still with every passing year of this awful 21st Century. Since the rise of Justin Trudeau and the inconsistency in the foreign policy of Donald Trump, an improvement on Obama but not yet enough to make a diffence, Israel is now left isolated in a region raging with Jew-hatred and Islamist supremacism.

September 11th 2001 saw America awake from its post-Cold War slumber. President Bush fought wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to defend the free world from Islamic terrorism. During the following seven years, George W Bush made America stand tall. September 10th 2015 saw America defeated by its own Senate, willing to sell its soul to evil dictators. In September 2001, Bush used the words, “You are either with us or you are with the terrorists”. Barack Obama and the Congressmen who voted in support of the Iran Deal were obviously with the terrorists.

On September 10th 2001, the West was asleep to the danger of Islamic terrorism. We woke up the next day. The United States fell asleep again on September 10th 2015. As America sleepwalks into hell, Israel is still awake, and in danger. Obama’s America, two years ago, just did not care anymore. Britain, France and Germany did not care either. Trump’s America has yet to confront the impending threat of the rise of a nuclear Iran and its current war for domination of the Middle East, in particular in Syria. Israel does cares, but what can it do? For Israel is fighting for its survival, fighting the war on terror alone. Just as Britain did in 1940. We were fortunate to have Winston Churchill in 1940. He cared too. Unfortunately, there is no Churchill to save us today.

And after September 10th comes 9/11.