Palestinian Arabs Are Muslim Imperialists

May 18, 2018

Palestinian Arabs Are Muslim Inperialists

By Focus

Palestinian Arab leader Haj Amin al-Husseini with his ally Adolf Hitler

The Arab’s violent “protests” and border invasions into Israel on the Gaza border are part of Hamas’/Muslim Brotherhood’s campaign to destroy the Jewish state.

The Arab “protesters” are sunni Muslims and they will not stop attacking Israel and murdering Jews until they have either re-Islamized Israel and enslaved or exterminated the Jewish people. Israel (for the most part of 1,300 years) used to be part of the Muslim ummah (imperialist empire) which spent a thousand years attacking Christian civilization in Europe.

For the Arabs, the re-conquest of the territories that were liberated from the ummah (Israel, Spain, Italy, Greece, Balkans) is at the core of their racist agenda.

The Palestinian Arabs are Islamic imperialists.

They never supported the Hashemite Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire. In fact, they supported Nazi Germany’s war against Judeo-Christian civilization during the 1930s and 1940s.

Today in Gaza and Zone A of the Palestinian Authority they often fly the Nazi swastika flag. Hamas, like the PLO, are Nazis.

These terrorist organizations must be defeated militarily by Israel or the West or the jihadis will turn on the West too. Israel is strong and cannot lose to the jihadis. But the West is much weaker than Israel.

Focus is our roving correspondent in Israel