From Moustaches & Brown Shirts To Hipster Beards, Blue Jeans & T-Shirts

June 30, 2018

Karen McQuillan: “Trump can’t do all the winning for us. We have to fight some battles ourselves. The attacks on conservatives go beyond the political arena. Our parents and grandparents in the Greatest Generation fought fascism in Europe. We have to fight it here.”

From Moustaches & Brown Shirts To Hipster Beards, Blue Jeans & T-Shirts

By David Semple

It’s hard to believe what Post-Modernist Fascism is doing to America and Canada, thanks to the extremist identity politics of the Obama and Trudeau regimes. People in “Britain” loved Obama the same way Germans loved Hitler; they have become rabidly intolerant of anyone who believes in individualism or what they used to call Liberalism in the 19th Century. The whole “British” media hates Trump, hated George W Bush and hated Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. Today, Standpoint Magazine and the Spectator are amongst the few publications which haven’t been taken over by the intolerant goose-step of the post-Marxist Left and their absolute embrace of nanny-statism and intolerance of freedom of speech.

Churned out by “Britain’s” post-Modernist universities, there are now generations of “British” statists (see Momentum and the Korbynistas) who have fully embraced the ideology of state-enforced collectivism and fascist identity politics in a war against individualism and freedom of speech. The so-called “moderate” Labour MP for Manchester Withington, openly called for the end of individualism at a hustings in Chorlton last year in favor of state-enforced collectivism. Remember, all statist regimes end up with their own Gestapo in the long run.

Indeed, the Labour Party has become a party infested with intolerant conformist Marxists fighting a class war against conservatism, traditional English liberalism and Judeo-Christian values. At Labour Party meetings their members call each other “Comrade”, like they used to do in Cold War comedy films of the 1960s and 1970s. This is absolutely true. Labour’s middle class post-Modernists and their fake working class colleagues pronounce it “Kom-Rade”. And these people are all humorless and deadly serious. They are all over London and Manchester. Like a plague of zombies. “Islington People” are the new representatives of British fascism; terribly elitist preachers of equality.  Yet they still educate their children in private schools. People like Diane Abbott, the Lefty Labour MP for Hackney, a member of the Korbynista aristocracy. Both Mr Corbyn and Ms Abbott go back to the “Hey man” revolutionary days of the 1960s. The “Freak-Out Drop-Out” generation. Some of the Labour elite, like the Miilibands and Benns, got their children into Hampstead Comprehensive or Holland Park Comprehensive. That’s Labour equality at work. Try getting your children into those two state schools. Your kids will be bussed to Acton and Kentish Town if they are lucky.

Living in post-Modern “Britain” has become like living in a Hollywood movie such as “Casablanca”. You can see the increasing intolerance and you hope to get the Lisbon plane before a full-fledged Nazi takeover.

Mr Korbyn and his Marxist collective mates have something in common with Hitler, their obsessive hatred of Israel and Jews. They will deny it but this bitter hatred comes out in their public remarks almost every week. Remember, Marxists murdered over 100 million people in the 20th Century. But they don’t teach much history in “British” schools.

Henry Kissinger, who was lucky enough to get out of Nazi Germany in 1938, remembered the rise of Nazism many years later at the height of the Vietnam War in 1967. Most of Kissinger’s relatives who stayed in Germany ended up being murdered by the German state in the Holocaust. Remember, the Holocaust was pure statist socialism at its worst. Mr Kissinger observed the anti-war leftists who protested against the Vietnam War and their embrace of communist totalitarians in Cuba and Hanoi. The leftists blamed the failure to reach a peaceful end to the Vietnam War on President Johnson. In reality, it was the Viet Cong who rejected peace talks. They were stringing the Americans along as they prepared to launch the Tet Offensive in 1968. But the left-wing protesters on university campuses around the world blamed the United States and embraced the enemies of freedom, Fidel Castro and the Viet Cong. To the young Henry Kissinger, the followers of the anti-war movement reminded him of Hitler’s Brown Shirts at the Nuremberg Rallies in the 1930s. The only difference was that the 1960s lefties grew beards and wore jeans and t-shirts.

“Hey man! We love the Man, man” And that man is ex-hippy Jeremy Corbyn, the future of “British” fascism. The 1960s generation has come back to haunt us. It’s about time we abandoned the worn out collectivist ideas of the 19th and 20th Centuries. We need the spirit of 1776.