December 6, 2016




By David Semple

Continental Europeans have spent most of the last thousand years at war with English freedom. The Norman invasion of 1066 introduced the foreign Papist-European system of feudalism to England, which resulted in several centuries of bloody wars, ending in the disastrous inter-Plantagenet War of the Roses.

Henry Vlll’s English Reformation rediscovered the glory of complete independence for the first time since the days of the Anglo-Saxon Kings. From 1531 to 1973 England/Great Britain/United Kingdom became the beacon of human freedom and the creator of the modern world, and the English-speaking people founded the greatest nation in modern history, the United States of America.

Europeans continued to wage war against English freedom; the Spanish, the French, then the worst enemy of Judeo-Christian civilization since the Ottoman Caliphate in the 17th Century, the newly created German Empire of 1870. First the Kaiser’s Second Reich, then Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich, tried to destroy England, the British Empire and Western civilization. This was the dark side of Europe which has not completely disappeared. The British Empire, together with its allies, defeated these two Germanic empires, and their genocidal wars against both human freedom and the Judeo-Christian values upon which our civilization is built.

The Europeans have not learned the lessons of history, which has witnessed the complete failure of both National Socialism and Communism to work for human progress. Both these European ideologies are influenced by Marxism (which is atheist feudalism) and have led to the annihilation of over one hundred million people. Europe is today a corporatist/socialist continent. Their system of supra-national governance is what they used to call Fascism during the 1920s, merging big government and big business, together with collectivist national policies which reject individualism.

The European Union is run by foreign bureaucrats who want to build a new Roman Empire, which they see as a model for world government. We see it as a model for bankruptcy. But we are not Europeans. The English language, together with our Anglo-British political institutions, bestows upon us a cultural and political identity which we share with the nations of the New World (Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States). Britain has more in common with the Anglosphere than it has with the dark world of Mittel-Europa.

The Russians learned the hard way that Marxist ideology means death. They will never go back to communism. But the Europeans, through the institutions of the European Union, have combined Marxist ideology with crony capitalism to create a Frankenstein Monster of a continental empire which may soon become every bit as dangerous as the Third Reich.
A united Europe is always dangerous to English freedom, especially one that promotes the expansion of Islam and continues to reject Judeo-Christian values. The rise of antisemitism once again to the toxic levels of the early 20th Century is both a symptom and the main cause of the fall of Europe.

Yes, Europe has fallen. It never recovered from the First World War. In both the post-war 1930s period and the post-war 1960s period, Europeans embraced the wrong solutions to the European problem. Both resulted in a return to neo-feudalism rather than in the discovery of freedom and true democracy. Freedom can only succeed if we stay true to our Judeo-Christian roots. Otherwise, the English-speaking people are doomed. We must reject Europeanism and embrace the New World.

We must leave the European Union now. National independence protects our freedoms and our Judeo-Christian values. National independence saved six million American Jews from Hitler’s terrorism. National independence saved Britain from being utterly destroyed in 1940. National independence continues to save six million Israeli Jews from being wiped out in a second Holocaust. The Holy Bible is the story of a nation. Not an empire. But a tiny nation called Israel. Remember that.

Those who choose to stamp out nationhood are the enemies of freedom. The Europeans today hate the idea of national sovereignty. They think nationalism means war. They are wrong. Free countries never go to war with each other. Our enemies have always been totalitarian states. That’s why the Europeans hate us for wanting Brexit, which is the revival of British independence. That’s why they hate the United States. That’s why they hate Israel.

It’s better to be a free and independent nation than an empire.



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