Hillary: whose side is she on?

Hillary: whose side is she on?

November 7, 2016

Opinion polls suggest Hillary Clinton will win the U.S. Presidential election. But on whose behalf will Hillary Clinton be using the power that comes with the job?

Hillary: Whose side is she on?
By David Semple

Opinion polls suggest Hillary Clinton will win the U.S. Presidential election. But on whose behalf will Hillary Clinton be using the power that comes with the job?

Hillary Clinton is on the verge of being elected as the 45th president of the United States. All polls indicate that she has the advantage over Republican candidate Donald Trump. She has the support of virtually all the mainstream media in the United States and across the globe. She has the support of big businesses around the world, which live off free trade deals that offer everything except genuine free trade. Big businesses enjoy the advantages they get from powerful Western governments, from international organizations like the European Union, and from trade treaties like Trans-Pacific Partnership, TTIP and NAFTA. They don’t like real competition. All those trade treaties allow small businesses to be unfairly swept aside and eliminated by government-supported or subsidized monopolies. And it’s the small businesses that create most of our jobs. The international business community lives in fear of Mr Trump’s promise to break up or re-negotiate some of these trade monopolies.

Mrs Clinton is a classic corporatist politician who is happy to allow jobs in America to be exported overseas, meaning more and more people will become dependants of the Democrat-driven welfare state. The lifeline of the Democratic Party is the support of an underclass that has grown massively under the rule of Barack Obama. Democrats need the poor to justify their welfarism and the ever-growing number of regulations that come with their planned Europeanization of the United States. As Pat Condell says in a recent video, this election offers the American people a choice between Europeanization under Mrs Clinton and the promised revival of the American Dream under Mr Trump. Both candidates have made almost impossible promises, but a Clinton victory will bring America back into a system of European-style feudalism, thus effectively reversing the American Revolution.

Mrs Clinton also has the big international banks on her side; in fact, the whole American and international establishment. In a world in which supranationalism is the preferred method of governance, with the European Union, the World Bank, the Bank of International Settlements and the United Nations trying to obtain the upper hand over nation states, Mrs Clinton’s vision of a North and South American union with free trade and open borders for the free movement of people is more in line with the liberal establishment than is the old-fashioned but sensible vision of America First on offer from Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton called Mr Trump “the most dangerous person to run for president in the modern history of America”. But who is more dangerous, Mrs Clinton or Mr Trump?

Mrs Clinton wants to support the Sunni militias in Syria against the Assad administration. This would bring her into a direct conflict with Russia and Iran, now keeping the Syrian president in power. Mr Trump wants to cool down the new Cold War with Putin. Under Mrs Clinton, the United States will pursue warfare to sustain American power. Mr Trump wants to put American interests ahead of acting as international policeman. Nevertheless, he has pledged to restore the depleted American military infrastructure.

If Mrs Clinton is the next U.S president, on whose behalf will she be using that American power? Mrs Clinton has received funding from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who she acknowledges are the financiers of the Islamic State and other Sunni militant groups who are waging a war against Shia, Alawi, Druze, Christian and Jewish minorities in the Middle East, Asia and throughout the cities of the West. Can she be bought off so cheaply despite the fact that these Islamist groups have declared the Western world as their primary enemy? The answer is probably yes.

Mrs Clinton represents the interests of those who fund the Clinton Foundation. This form of prostituting governments in the West to the Islamist agenda of the Saudi sheiks is worse even than the British government of Neville Chamberlain prostituting himself to the Palestinian Arabs when he terminated the Balfour Declaration with the passing of the infamous White Paper on Palestine in 1939.

For almost eight years President Obama has prostituted his government to the Saudi government, the PLO and the Muslim Brotherhood. Mrs Clinton was at his right hand side when President Obama supported the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt during his first administration. She was present at the creation of the Iran Deal when the Obama Administration opened up secret talks with the Islamic Republic of Iran well before the election of the so-called moderate candidate Hassan Rouhani in Iran. She was at President Obama’s side when the Benghazi terrorist attack happened at the American Embassy in Libya. And like President Obama, Mrs Clinton proceeded to attribute the Benghazi attack to a YouTube video made by a Christian Egyptian, who was locked up in prison immediately thereafter.

Mrs Clinton fails the test of leadership against Islam’s war of terror against the West. Even worse, she fails the test of leadership in failing to be a defender of the sovereign nation state, including her own United States of America, against those who choose to undermine the concept of national independence. While supporting the sovereignty of Muslim countries, Mrs Clinton calls for a mass migration of people from totalitarian states into the free nations of the West, a policy which is certain to have the same disastrous effect on the United States as the barbarian invasions had on the Roman Empire. By championing open borders in the United States and Europe, Mrs Clinton is acting against the cause of freedom. Only by having national sovereignty can freedom and democracy survive in the world today. American freedom cannot survive open borders with Muslim immigration from terrorist states and Hispanic immigration from the whole of the Americas. Mrs Clinton’s policies will be a disaster for the United States.

When President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton tried to crack down on criticism of Islam rather than Islamic terrorism, whose side were they on? Not the hundreds of thousands of Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Hindu victims who have fallen to Islamic terrorism since 9/11. Al Qaeda and other Islamist organizations have spread like wildfire throughout the world since the election of President Obama in 2008. The United States is now losing the War on Terror thanks to the treacherous policies of the Obama Administration and Mrs Clinton during her miserable term as Secretary of State.

While Mr Trump has criticized the recent American wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, George W Bush did in fact achieve a high degree of success in fighting Al Qaeda at the end of his presidency, following the so-called troop surge in Iraq, which brought together Sunni Arabs and the Shia-dominated Iraqi government of prime minister Nouri al-Maliki. President Bush left the United States as the dominant power in the Middle East. The misguided and outright dangerous foreign policy of President Obama and Secretary Clinton has led to the rise of ISIS, the rise of Iran to great power status, the destruction of Iraq, Syria and Libya, and the proliferation of Islamic terrorism throughout the world.

But Obama and Mrs Clinton refuse to name the enemy. How can you fight a war if you aren’t honest with the American public about who is the enemy? When Mr Trump declared that the enemy was radical Islam during the presidential television debates, Mrs Clinton cried “Islamophobia.” For her, the enemy is President Assad of Syria. Meanwhile, ISIS, the PLO, Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia are financing and fighting a war against the governments and people of Israel, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt and the nations of the West. Whose side is Mrs Clinton on?

The United States is no longer the dominant Western power in the Middle East. Israel, on the front line against Islamic imperialism, is now the dominant Western power in the region.

Israel would not survive Mrs Clinton’s policy of open borders. The Jewish state would be transformed into a Muslim dictatorship, probably bringing on a second Holocaust. But Mrs Clinton, and her advisers Huma Abedin and Sidney Blumenthal, do not want Israel to survive. That’s why they want the West Bank of Judea and Samaria and half of Jerusalem to a become Judenrein Arab supremacist territories. Mrs Clinton knows the creation of a new Palestinian state would become an Islamist launching ground for the final Muslim war aimed at destroying Israel. That’s why she supports a Palestinian state. Because she works for the Islamist financiers of her election campaign.

Mrs Clinton is compromised by loyalties that are not in the interest of the people of the United States or the West. The election of Mr Trump to the presidency of the world’s most powerful nation is the only realistic option if we are to successfully defend our Western way of life. It is hoped that Mr Trump will win, because many Americans have had enough of appeasing those who wish to destroy Western freedoms. Those who support Mrs Clinton are not just willfully ignorant, they are the gravediggers of Western civilization.


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