Uri Milstein: The West, Israel and the War on Terror-Video

December 9, 2016

Uri Milstein: The West, Israel and the War on Terror-Video

By David Semple



In October 2014, I spoke to Israeli historian Dr Uri Milstein about the prospects for the West and Israel in a future in which Europe becomes an Islamized continent. This video runs just over one hour.



Video-click above image


Uri Milstein is the author of the four-volume “History of Israel’s War of Independence” (1996-1999). His other works include a highly critical study of Yitzak Rabin’s war record (“The Rabin File”) and a book on the Deir Yassin massacre, (“The Birth of a Palestinian Nation: The Myth of the Deir Yassin Massacre”), in which he claims that the massacre was a myth created by David Ben Gurion and the Israeli Left to discredit the reputation of Irgun and its leader Menachem Begin.

Eviathar H. Ben Zedeff wrote the following about Dr Milstein in the intellectual journal NATIV: “More than any other author in the state of Israel Uri Milstein has succeeded in cultivating harsh critics, for whom only the mention of his name causes spasms. In addition, after forty years of industrious research and collection of material on Israel’s wars, there aren’t many that can compare to Milstein in depth of knowledge about our defense establishment. Milstein’s new book moves on the usual track – he attacks the sacred cows and reproaches a very senior group, some of whom have always been considered a chosen elite, and whose actions are not generally examined by the mortals among their subjects.”


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