Temple Mount: You can’t rewrite history to suit Islamist imperialists

Temple Mount: You can’t rewrite history to suit Islamist imperialists

January 5, 2017

Temple Mount, Jerusalem. Photo credit: Andrew Shiva/Wikimedia



Anyone who agrees with Islamist supremacists that the Temple Mount and the Kotel are exclusively Muslim is just another grave-digger of Judeo-Christian civilization.

Temple Mount: You can’t rewrite history to suit Islamist imperialists

By David Semple


On January 1, Waqf officials hauled an Israeli archaeologist in front of Israeli police for not using term ‘Haram al-Sharif’ during an historical tour of the site. In response, police advised him to refrain from saying the words ‘Temple Mount’ for the remainder of his visit. This is a disgrace. Arabs cannot claim ownership of something they did not build. And they definitely did not build the Temple Mount, which has been around much longer than Islam.

The rather sensible second caliph, Omar, allowed Jews and Christians to share the Temple Mount with the newly-arrived Muslim conquerors. But a century later, the Muslim caliphs changed their mind and started to claim it as exclusively Muslim in full knowledge of the fact that both Jewish Temples stood at the Temple Mount. This appropriation of Jewish history and culture is continued by Muslims today.

The Muslim theft of Jewish history since the independence of Israel has led to unprecedented levels of Muslim dishonesty. The Muslims lie about Jewish history and the Jewish connection with Jerusalem. And our failed leaders in the West go along with those lies and pass UN resolutions that declare the Temple Mount to be exclusively Muslim. Sorry guys and gals, but this Western complicity in Muslim lies is not only evil, it is stupid.

You can’t rewrite history to suit third-rate Muslim imperialists who hate Jews.

Fact: the Arab Muslims invaded Jerusalem in 636 CE. They were Arabians, not Assyrians or Palestinians. They occupied Jerusalem for most of the next 1,400 years, except during the period of the Christian Kingdom of Jerusalem. The Muslims were occupiers. It was not their land. Like the Romans and Byzantines before them, they were imperial occupiers. Jerusalem is Jewish. It had been for over a thousand years before anyone ever heard of Julius Caesar or Mohammed.

Britain defeated the Muslims in 1917/1918 and returned the country to the Jews in 1948. The Muslims refused to share the land they had occupied by force for over 1,000 years and they invaded Israel. The Muslims lost in 1949 as they had lost in 1918. They kept the Old City in Jerusalem under the 1949 Armistice and Jordan illegally annexed Judea and Samaria and east Jerusalem.

The Muslims tried to destroy Israel again in 1967 and 1973. The Arabs lost these two wars. Israel liberated Jerusalem and the so-called West Bank from Muslim occupation in 1967.

Since 1967, Jews and Christians and Muslims have seen their holy sites protected by the State of Israel. That includes the al-Aqsa Mosque, which Israel protects from violence by Islamists. Yet today, thanks to a bad deal made by Moshe Dayan, Jordan reigns supreme over the Temple Mount. This is discrimination against Jews and Christians. And the leaders of the West turn a blind eye to this discrimination and racism by the Islamic Waqf.

It is a blatant lie to call the Temple Mount exclusively Muslim. It is a lie against history. The Muslims “did not build this,” to paraphrase President Obama. They might have done repairs and they might have built a few mosques, but the Muslims did not build the Temple Mount. Anyone who says that the Temple Mount and the Kotel are exclusively Muslim is just another grave-digger of Western civilization.

It’s about time the Christian West fought back to defend its shared heritage with the Jewish people, and that includes Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

David Semple is a Manchester Tory and film maker/broadcaster from Canada. David has also worked for Thorn EMI and Rank Films as a legal practitioner. David’s new film “Jerusalem Syndrome: A Journey To The Centre Of The Universe” will be released in 2017.

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