Trump’s victory and inauguration is America’s Brexit

Trump’s victory and inauguration is America’s Brexit
January 20, 2017

Donald Trump rise to power, culminating in today’s inauguration, can be seen as the USA’s answer to Brexit.

By David Semple 

When we were in high school in the 1970s we used to read and wonder about the fall of the Roman Empire. How did it happen and why did we move backward into primitive feudalism? What was it like to live in the dying days of the Byzantine Empire in Constantinople? And we were confident that we would never witness such events in our lifetime. We thought the West had a few centuries left before the inevitable civilizational shift. We were so naive. Today, forty years later, we are witnessing the dying days of Rome and Constantinople in our lifetimes. Yet most people are completely oblivious to the drastic changes to the West over the fifty years.

Two major democratic events in recent months represent an awakening in the Anglosphere countries of the West: Britain’s decision to leave the European Union and Donald Trump’s election victory. Europe, meanwhile, is asleep. Run by an elite of unelected officials who despise the freedoms that come with nationhood, the EU continues to tear apart the cultural and social fabric of what remains of the nations of Europe. The Brussels elites are trying to build a continental empire, first by destroying national independence, and secondly, by the building of a new form of socialist medievalism designed to undermine the democratic movements that emerged in Europe following the revolutions of 1848.

Winston Churchill’s vision of a “United States of Europe” (which didn’t include Britain) was hijacked by Europe’s mediocre political class, the same people who did nothing to stop the murder of millions of Jews during Hitler’s wartime occupation. With the reemergence of Jew-hatred across the continent (usually disguised as fashionable antizionism), the EU bureaucracy is embracing the new antisemitism to attack and undermine the independence of the State of Israel. The EU, along with many of the national governments of its member states, are conducting a policy of open antisemitism because they resent the independence and sovereignty of little Israel.

This helps explain why the Europeans do not understand Brexit. When the British people voted in June 2016 to leave the EU, this act of Brexit represented the final rejection of European supra-national governance in order to preserve English freedoms. The Europeans do not understand the Anglo-Saxon mission that has its origins in the English Reformation whereby Protestant England sought to resist the spread of European tyranny on English soil. English Protestants broke free of Papal-European servitude to pursue freedom and national independence, much like the Israelites who broke free of Pharaoh. The founding of the Thirteen Colonies in America tells a similar story. America was not just New England; it was also New Jerusalem. This same New Jerusalem eventually saved half the world’s Jews from Hitler’s gas chambers by providing refuge for all the persecuted people of Europe during the late 19th century.

For the American people, the election of Donald Trump to the presidency is America’s version of Brexit. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, like the Eurocrats, reject American nationhood in the pursuit of building a world global empire, with “free trade” and open borders, much like the European Union. President Obama and Mrs Clinton are both socialists, like their fellow European globalists, who reject the Anglo-Saxon economic model upon which the wealth and power of the United States was built. They reject the Biblical mission upon which the English New World was founded.

American Brexit is the final rejection of Obama’s America. This is the America which has for eight years tried to build alliances with the tyrannical regimes of the world, the champions of the police state at war with liberty. Thus we have Obama’s love affair with the Muslim Brotherhood and its governance of Erdogan’s Turkey and Morsi’s Egypt. Obama has supported Islamist jihadis in civil wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and Libya. And he has spent eight years undermining the Netanyahu government in Israel by supporting the PLO’s genocidal agenda against Israel.

Donald Trump has saved us all from a continuation of declining American power. A victory for Mrs Clinton would have made permanent the Europeanization of the United States, turning the American Dream into American Marxism. Last November, the American people rejected Mrs Clinton’s road to serfdom and voted for a better America. They want to resume building their land of milk and honey in the New World, in the “city on the hill” that will forever be the land of liberty. Trump may not be able to keep all his promises to the forgotten people of America, but he will, at the very least, stop the rot. And that starts today, with his inauguration. 

Trump is a strong supporter of Israel and has made a commitment to move the American embassy to Jerusalem, a move which is long overdue considering it has been the nation’s capital since 1950. He has also guaranteed that a Trump administration will ensure Israel receives maximum military, strategic and tactical cooperation from the United States. Unlike Obama (an Islamic trojan-horse if ever there was one), Trump realizes the two-state solution is impossible as long as the Palestinian Arabs continue their incitement and terror campaigns against the Jewish people. It is hoped that under a Trump presidency, the US will reject all Palestinian and European efforts to bypass direct negotiations, and that any solutions imposed on Israel by the UN Security Council will be opposed.

After the dismal relationship between Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu, Trump wants to offer Israel greater support and closer relations than any previous American government, without any of the usual dangerous demands for territorial concessions to Arab interests. Putting the alliance with Israel ahead of all other relationships with Middle Eastern states may allow the United States to work with Israel to create stability in the region, unlike in the past when American governments treated the Jewish state as the problem rather than the solution. This would be a return to the vision of Israel’s role in the Middle East as conceived by David Lloyd George and Churchill at the start of the British Mandate.

This is a momentous time for Great Britain, the United States and Israel. Now that Obama has gone, we can look forward to better relations between an independent UK and a Trump-led White House. More importantly, we are on the verge of an unprecedented era of American/Israeli cooperation, respect and mutual understanding. In a world of darkness and tyranny, the flame of liberty is once again being held high.

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