Germany’s Dark Shadow Over Israel And The West

July 31, 2018

The Germanization of Europe and the Islamization of Germany pose a very real danger to Jew and non-Jew alike.



i. The Germanization of Europe

At a meeting with Charles de Gaulle at the beginning of the 1960s, Britain’s Conservative prime minister Harold Macmillan and the French president pondered the future prospects of Europe and Germany. The project envisioned in the Treaty of Rome, signed three years earlier in 1957, was a political project, designed to bring an “ever closer union” towards creating a United States of Europe, not an economic project. And this was a problem not just for Macmillan, but also for Charles de Gaulle.

“We next talked about Europe and Germany”, wrote Macmillan in his diary about de Gaulle, “He does not want political integration. He accepted the economic integration implied in the Treaty of Rome with regret. But it was signed, and he could not go back on it. But it has had a useful effect in making French industry more competitive. Politically, it keeps Germany looking to the West. He does not want a united Germany; nor does he fear Germany for at least 25 years – if it can keep in the Western group.”

The Treaty of Rome was designed originally to deal with the problems which may arise from the inevitable recovery of West Germany after the war. Instead of solving the German problem, however, the European project has vastly increased the power of Germany within the European Union following the re-unification of West and East Germany after the fall of communism in eastern Europe in 1989.

Thus, with a united Germany a fact of political life, the powers of the Eurocrats in Brussels were increased, especially after the introduction of the Euro single currency and the European Central Bank. The only beneficiary of this expansion of European power was Germany itself. By 2010, the EU had become a German-dominated federal superstate in the making. It has not solved the German problem. It transformed the German problem into the European problem.

The German Problem, which almost completely destroyed Europe in the two world wars of the 20th century, led to the creation of the European Union, designed to destroy nationalism. Nationalism, however, was not responsible for the First World War. Not French nationalism. Not British nationalism. Not Russian nationalism. Kaiser Wilhelm provoked the First World War. Without him there would have been no war.

Like the First World War, the Second World War was caused by the inability of the German political class to come to terms with the global economic order created by the British Empire and the rising power of the world’s greatest democracy, the United States of America. Hitler not only wanted to dominate Europe with his primitive ideology, he went on to challenge both Britain and the United States in a clash of civilisations designed to destroy the power and influence of both Christianity and Judaism in the modern world.

Ultimately, both world wars started as a result of the German Problem. And the European Union was created to bring an end to German imperialism. However, the European Union has destroyed the independence of the very nations created by the postwar settlement of 1919, nations which did not have any problems arising from the respective national cultures or identities. Today, the European Problem arises from, and is intertwined with, the German Problem. The EU is becoming a growing threat to both freedom and democracy within Europe. And the European Union’s power is being driven by the rise of German power within the Union.

ii. The Islamization of Germany

Last year, German Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned the Israeli Knesset’s adoption of the Regulation Law, issuing a frank condemnation and expressing its “disappointment by this turn of events.” In an effort to punish Jews, she canceled a summit with Israel. Mrs Merkel has opposed the building of Jewish homes in the disputed territories of Judea and Samaria for years, much as do most other Western leaders. On the other hand, she does not oppose the building of Arab homes in Israel.

So why does Mrs Merkel insist on supporting the two-state solution, which is certainly now dead in the water? Why, with Germany’s history of industrial genocide, has the German government lost its feelings of guilt for the murder of up to seven million Jews during the Second World War? Why is Germany supporting the creation of a Palestinian Arab state, one which will be “Judenfrei”, in the whole of Judea and Samaria when Mrs Merkel knows fully well that the Palestinians inherited the mantle of Nazi antisemitism from the Third Reich after the fall of Hitler?

Surely, if the German people wanted to make up for the crimes of the Holocaust they should fully support the actions of the Israeli government to protect the Jewish people from genocide by Muslim fanatics. Surely, Mrs Merkel knows that, if a Palestinian Arab state were to be created in Judea and Samaria, they would use this state as a launch pad for jihad against the coastal cities of Israel, just as Hamas did from Gaza.

Mrs Merkel is not stupid. She knows the Palestinian agenda. She is therefore complicit in the West’s support for Palestinian terrorism in Israel today. Sadly, like most leaders of the West, Mrs Merkel has completely lost the plot in the war against Muslim terrorism. She talks about fighting radicalization and Islamic jihad in Europe, but she does not want to protect tiny little Israel, a nation defending the West on the front line of the War on Terror from the millions of rabid jihadis on its borders.

After all, most Arabs still think they will be in a position to successfully invade and occupy Israel at some point in the next five years. To the Arab mind, the existence of Israel is a temporary affair, similar to the existence of the Christian Kingdom of Jerusalem in the Middle Ages. They really do think this way. Just as most Islamic leaders teach their followers that the whole of Europe will become part of the Muslim ummah within a century.

Why did Mrs Merkel invite several million Muslim immigrants into Germany during 2015-2017? It’s obvious that the German Chancellor no longer believes in her country; that she is willing to replace the indigenous German population with Muslims from the Middle East and Africa, knowing full well that demographic trends, with a rapidly declining German birthrate, will turn Germany, and indeed the whole of Europe, into a Muslim-dominated ummah.

Does Mrs Merkel want Germany to follow in the footsteps of Christian Asia Minor, which is today Muslim-occupied Turkey? Sadly, the answer is yes. Mrs Merkel has become the primary grave-digger of Judeo-Christian civilisation in post-Western Europe. She is doing her best to transform Germany and Europe into an Islamized or semi-Islamized continent which will will turn its back on Western values.

Germany’s co-operative relationship with Israel has come under attack in recent years by politicians and members of the public. In a BBC World Service poll conducted five years ago as many as sixty-seven per cent of Germans declared that they disliked Israel. “If the German people are suffering from a collective case of Holocaust amnesia”, wrote Richard Mather in Arutz Sheva on September 23rd 2013, “then it is hardly surprising that negative attitudes towards Israel are growing. This may explain why in the past few years, anti-Zionism has become a socially acceptable way of expressing antisemitism in Germany on both the Left and the Right. Already Germany has distanced itself from (rather than opposing) a UN vote approving the de facto recognition of a sovereign Palestinian state.”

Today the European Union boycotts products from Israel under the bogus claim that Judea and Samaria are “occupied territories,” while taking no initiatives to end the blatantly illegal Turkish occupation of eastern Cyprus. On the other hand, Germany and the EU actively appease Turkey in order to appeal to Muslim voters in Europe.

Europe’s war against Israel is no different to Hitler’s war against the Jews of Palestine during the Second World War. Hitler embraced an alliance with the Muslim Grand Mufti of Jerusalem dedicated to the extermination of the Jewish people and the destruction of British power in the Middle East.

Today, Britain follows the German lead and obediently boycotts goods from Israel. Britain also joins Germany and France in appeasing the Islamic Republic of Iran, a state whose government wants to destroy Israel with nuclear weapons. Hitler’s brand of Islamofascism, created with the co-operation of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Grand Mufti, now dominates the Islamic war of terror against the West. If the spirit of Hitler dictates the German Chancellor’s agenda towards Israel and Islam, then it is no surprise to see that Mrs Merkel has gone out of her way to pursue an active policy of Islamization from mass immigration into Germany. With a rapidly declining German fertility rate, what better way to re-import the ideology that Hitler exported to the Middle East.

As the children of the defeated German people of 1945, for whom the ungrateful dictator felt nothing but contempt during his last days in the Berlin bunker, start pushing up daisies in the local cemeteries of Mittel-Europa, a new Germany will be built by Muslim migrants from the Middle East and Africa who have been educated specifically to hate Jews and Israel. The Fuhrer would surely have approved Mrs Merkel’s grand initiative to flood Germany immigrants who declared, “We love Hitler.”

Thanks to Mrs Merkel’s double-headed scheme, namely the Islamization of Germany and the Germanization of Europe, Jews in both Europe and Israel face the very real dangers of persecution, isolation and terrorism. More than that, the German problem is a recurring problem for the ordinary people of Europe who have had little say in the direction of their nation-states and have suffered sexual assault by Muslim men, as well as suicide bombings, vehicular attacks and shootings. Until recently, America risked going the same way as a result of Obama’s globalist agenda, an agenda inspired in part by the German-led European Union.

The German problem is a problem for us all – Jew and non-Jew alike.


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