London is Palestine-On-Thames

Op-ed: London has become Palestine-On-Thames

Posted on March 27, 2017

The fictional nation of Palestine is not just the world’s biggest welfare state, it’s a laboratory for Islamic terrorism

By David Semple   

Last week’s Muslim terrorist attack on Westminster Bridge and inside the gates of the Palace of Westminster were inspired by Palestinian terror attacks in Israel. The Car Intifada has been used to kill Jews on the streets of Jerusalem since the end of the 2014 Gaza War. The Knife Intifada is another recent Palestinian atrocity. The Westminster attack was both a Car Intifada and a Knife Intifada. Imported from Israel first to France, then Germany during the last two years, the Car Intifada has finally arrived on UK shores, as I predicted over a year ago. It’s not likely to go away, either. For generations now, the Palestinians have been the masterminds of destruction, innovators of some of the deadliest methods of international terrorism, from mass shootings at the Munich Olympic to high-jacking passenger airplanes to the Car Intifada which murdered several people in London last week. The fictional nation of Palestine, whether in Gaza or Ramallah, is not just the world’s biggest welfare state, it’s a laboratory for Islamic terrorism.

Sadiq Khan, the Labour Mayor of London, said the threat of terror attacks are “part and parcel of living in a big city.” He encouraged Londoners to be vigilant to combat dangers. He then released a statement which included the following: I have spoken to the Acting Commissioner. The Metropolitan Police Service is dealing with the incident and an urgent investigation is underway. My thoughts are with those affected and their families.

He should have said, “My thoughts are with the victims and their families.” Instead, he said, “My thoughts are with those affected and their families.” Was he was thinking about the dead terrorist too?

Khan’s arrogance and thoughtless attitude towards his fellow Londoners shows him to be completely out of touch with the British people. Why should Londoners accept terrorism as being “part of parcel of living in the big city”? Does the London Mayor have the right to force Londoners to accept terrorism as an acceptable part of modern life? Of course not! His complacency and his arrogance will only encourage more acts of terror. Sadiq Khan was in fact giving the green light to future terrorists when he said that terrorism is “part and parcel of living in a big city.”

Unfortunately, Mayor Khan is compromised by his own background. Khan, the son of a Pakistani bus driver, thinks that Londoners should learn to live with Pakistani-style terrorism because this is what his own people have come to accept. When he went to the United States last year he told new immigrants not to integrate into the American melting pot. Failure to integrate immigrants can only lead to more terrorism. Mayor Khan is a typical representative of the failed ruling class in the West which has surrendered so much to those who want to destroy us. When faced with terrorism, leaders are supposed to fight it with all the resources of the state, not force people to learn to live with terrorism. Khan represents the new face of appeasement to political Islam. He knows what he is doing; and what he is doing is undermining the British constitution by flying the flag of surrender to those who wish to undermine the UK. This is very dangerous.

But is the government of Theresa May not also appeasing terrorists rather than fighting radical Islamists? During Prime Minister’s Question Time the day after the attack on Parliament, Mrs May went out of her way to say, It is wrong to describe this as ‘Islamic terrorism’. It is ‘Islamist terrorism,’ it is a perversion of a great faith.

Mrs May’s appalling ignorance of Islam and Islamic history is just as terrifying as that of her immediate predecessors in Number 10 Downing Street. It’s a pity British prime ministers in the early 21st century are not educated to the standard of Lord Salisbury, Winston Churchill and Anthony Eden, who would never have issued a statement as ludicrous as those made by David Cameron and Theresa May in response to Muslim terror attacks over the last five years. The Muslim terror attacks that have been sweeping across the cities of the Western world over the past twenty years have everything to do with Islamic teachings and the Islamic faith. Jihad is jihad, whether expressed in the form of the Ottoman Empire’s declaration of jihad against Great Britain and France in the autumn of 1914, or Osama Bin Laden’s jihad against the West in 9/11.

To defeat your enemies you must first know and understand them, as Churchill understood Hitler during the Second World War. Churchill had this advantage over Hitler because he fully understood the Nazi leader’s intentions, unlike his colleagues in the wartime Coalition Government. Churchill won his war against Hitler precisely because Hitler was unable to understand Churchill the way the Churchill understood the man he used to dismiss as “Herr Shicklegruber.” Churchill refused to negotiate with Germany in May 1940 through intermediary powers because he knew that Hitler would not honour his agreements. Churchill never underestimated Hitler and knew that the German dictator would turn the might of the Nazi war machine against Soviet Russia precisely in order to isolate Britain. Hitler was completely unable to read his British counterpart in the perceptive way that Churchill read Hitler. The key is always to know your enemy.

Mrs May, like her predecessors David Cameron, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and John Major, has little understanding of the civilizational threat that Islam poses to the declining countries of the West. She has no knowledge or understanding of the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, the motives for Osama bin Laden’s attack on the World Trade Center, the reasons for – and consequences of – the fall of Constantinople in 1453, or the Islamic military campaigns against Europe which lasted a thousand years until the Gates of Vienna on September 11, 1683. Perhaps she should read a few of short books by Britain’s great historian of Islamic and Arabic history, Bernard Lewis. … Read on!

Westminster Station, London (Photo: David Semple / Israel News Online)

The sheer ignorance of this current generation of political leaders about most matters related to Islam and Islamic history is truly frightening. If Prime Minister May had even a basic understanding of Islam she would not be dismissing the Islamic terror campaigns in Europe and Britain as a “perversion of a great faith.” Jihad and warfare against the infidel is central to the Islamic religion. Richard the Lionheart understood this, yet he still lost his campaign in Jerusalem against Saladin. The West today risks losing the War on Terror unless our leaders don’t come to terms with the real threat facing our countries from the Islamic world. We risk suffering the fate of the Byzantine Empire if our leaders continue to demonstrate no understanding of what happened in Constantinople in 1453.

Mrs May confronts Islamic terrorism in exactly the same way Neville Chamberlain confronted Nazi Germany in 1938. Appeasement failed against Hitler. Chamberlain lost to Hitler just as Prime Minister May is now losing to the Muslim terrorists. In 1940, Britain stood strong because it didn’t have a large German fifth column living in the UK. Today, there are three million Muslims living in the UK, many of whom cheered Osama bin Laden’s airplanes as they flew into the World Trade Center. And many British Muslims cheered last week when the Westminster terrorist mowed down dozens of innocent people with his car.

We must actively engage with and openly debate British Muslims about the problems of jihad and their failure to integrate into British society. If an open and honest dialogue between the British people and their Muslim neighbours doesn’t start in the near future then the UK will be in real trouble once rising birthrates increase the Muslim population to ten per cent.

Attending a Conservative political function with members of Pakistani communities from both Bradford and Manchester recently, a former Conservative parliamentary candidate from Bradford complained to me about the ghettoization of Britain’s Asian communities. He complained that every British political party has actively encouraged the development of minority communities that live in isolation from mainstream British society. Unless British politicians abandon their current misguided belief in multiculturalism and take active measures to Anglicise minority groups within a broader policy of diversity within the British melting pot, Britain’s Muslim community will find itself continuing to live in ghettos across the nation, isolated from the English majority and embracing Islamic jihad.

This British experiment in creating large ghettos for its new immigrants is precisely what happened across the continent of Europe. Politicians encourage Muslims to place their loyalty to the Islamic ummah rather than to the nation state. In fact, the European Union’s campaign against nationalism and national identity is the cause of Islam’s rise to prominence in Europe and the failure of many European and British-born Muslims to embrace European values. How can we expect Muslims to put British patriotism first when politicians and the media have spent the last forty years attacking British patriotism? Leaving the European Union gives the UK a second chance to re-discover its love of country and to share that patriotism with immigrants communities. New immigrants and the second generation children of immigrants won’t love Britain and integrate into political and social polity unless politicians set the same example for the British people.

The British government encourages Islamic terrorism and Islamic separation by funding terrorism overseas. Every year the UK sends hundreds of millions of pounds to the PLO, who use those funds to fight Israel. Britain sells arms to Saudi Arabia, a country which builds mosques to spread the literalist Wahhabi version of Islam throughout Britain and the West. The only way the UK can accommodate its large Muslim population is if the state forces them to embrace British Judeo-Christian values first. Even then, it is hard to see how Britain can continue accommodating Muslims unless it successfully integrates those already living in the UK.

The nations that constitute Great Britain have been Christian since the early Middle Ages. Christianity is the source of its free society and its free political institutions. If Britain ceases to be Christian and embraces a rising Muslim population, it will surely become more Islamized in the future. Therefore, the Brits must use all available instruments of government policy to ‘Westernize’ British Muslims. Until the UK government stops enforcing multiculturalism and funding Islamic terrorism, the country has no chance of success.

Brexit gives the Brits the opportunity to carve out a renewed Anglo-Saxon identity for the British nation. In order to so this, the people must find political leaders who stop appeasing Islamic imperialists from Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. This may take some years. Look how long it took the UK to abandon appeasement during the late 1930s, in the third month of 1939. It was almost too late then back then. Is it too late today?

David Semple is Manchester Tory and film maker/broadcaster frohm Canada. David has also worked for Thorn EMI and Rank Films as a legal practitioner. David’s new film “Jerusalem Syndrome: A Journey To The Centre Of The Universe” will be released this year.

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