The World Crisis, America and Russia

The world crisis, America and Russia 
By David Semple

The United States must not try to revive the hostilities of the Cold War. Under the leadership of Putin, Russia is a nationalist country; it is not a communist threat. 

Times change, technology changes, political ideologies change, but people don’t change. If we took H G Wells’ time machine forward five hundred years (The Time Machine is a science fiction novel by H G Wells, published in 1895) there will still be inequality, wars, great power conflicts, civil wars and the human condition will still be as imperfect as it is today. It’s probable that things could be much worse in the year 2517.

Despite the mass panic created by today’s climate change followers, the planet will still be with us, rich in resources and following unpredictable weather patterns. Man cannot control the climate, so the Marxist control grid of the climate change junkies, even if fully implemented, will have no effect on global warming or global cooling. It will only impoverish the human race. Meanwhile, there may still be mass genocide of the type we suffered during the 20th century and which goes on in front of our very eyes today in Africa and the Middle East. It’s likely that in five hundred years most of the countries and empires around the world will be ruled by authoritarian despots and totalitarian fanatics. Free societies may be few and far apart.

Certainly, if you go back three hundred years, freedom and the rule of law was restricted primarily to the English-speaking world, the British Empire and the Thirteen American Colonies. Freedom came with capitalism and freedom is always destroyed by statism and socialism. Winston Churchill’s memoir of the First World War was called The World Crisis. The story of the Kennedy presidency or the Presidency of George W Bush could also have been given that title. In the age of global politics, the world crisis will always be with us, as it is today in the opening months of the Trump presidency and as it was throughout the entire eight years of the Obama presidency, which saw the post-Sykes-Picot order of the Middle East completely collapse into the chaos we are witnessing today. For the world crisis will always be with us as it has been since Biblical times. 

Today, Western Europe is less free than it was during the Cold War, as the power and authority of the unelected leaders of the European Union grow with each new bureaucratic treaty change. Freedom of speech, which flourished after the Second World War throughout the countries liberated by the United States and the British Empire, is now under attack by national governments in Germany, Sweden, France, Holland and across the continent, in addition to the ever growing powers of the “ever closer union,” the European Union. Even though it is now leaving Europe, Great Britain is also attacking freedom of speech by calling it a “hate crime.”

Russia and America

Almost thirty years ago, the Iron Curtain collapsed and communism in Europe was on its last legs. Seventy years of central planning and totalitarian observance of Marxist ideology had crippled Russia and brought eastern Europe into poverty. Russians did the world a favour by finding out the hard way that Lenin’s dreams of 1917 will always end in tomorrow’s nightmares. Sadly, the tragic Russian people did not do themselves any favours. Communists in Russia tried to create paradise on earth. This ended up in the deaths of one hundred million people throughout the communist world during the 20th century.

Today, those who remember what communism actually was have come to England, Canada, Australia and America only to be baffled by the millions of people in the English-speaking world who want more socialism, more welfare, more statism and more taxation. Their generation fought for their freedom and brought down the Berlin Wall once they understood that the communist leaders no longer had the will to commit mass murder against those who want freedom. Perhaps each generation has to fight its own freedom. Certainly, people in the West, the lefties and the climate changers, are doing their best to undermine the hard-earned freedom of eight hundred years of English constitutional change. The free societies which have never suffered under European-style socialist ideologies have taken to rejecting the search for freedom in favour of a new search for totalitarian ideologies.

President Trump was elected on a peace platform, to keep America out of foreign wars. So was President George W Bush, and look what happened to him. Like ‘Dubya’ after 9/11, President Trump faces a nasty world full of dangerous dictatorships which are at war with Western freedom. Russia is not one of these countries. On the contrary, it is one of the few countries in the world that has more freedom today than it had in the 1980s. Putin’s Russia, like all great powers, will huff and puff to prove to the world that it still matters. Russia, however, is a tragic nation, because unlike postwar Western Europe after Nazism, it has not recovered from the ravages of communism. Lenin’s coup in 1917 destroyed the manifest destiny of Russia, together with its soul. President Putin, however, has restored the soul of Russia by restoring the greatness of the Orthodox Church after seventy years of atheist communist ideology, together with the national pride of the Russian people.

President Trump was elected with accusations that he was a Russian puppet leader, but this was just left-wing propaganda by the Democrats, who were sore losers in the presidential elections last years. Like the communists who instigated a failed coup against President Gorbachev in 1991, the Democrats want to throw out the Trump government in their own coup against the American Constitution. However, President Trump’s missile attack on Syria ended all talk of his being a Russian puppet. His job is now to find a way of ending the Syrian civil war in co-operation with Putin, and avoiding a direct military conflict between the United States and Russia. 

The theocratic government of Iran wants war between America and Russia. Then they plan to turn the whole Muslim world against America and the West, using Russia and China to defeat the West. This would be World War. That’s what Iran wants. Iran also wants to defeat the power of Sunni Islam with the help of Russia and China. This is a war that Presidents Trump and Putin must avoid at all costs. 

President Trump cannot avoid world affairs. What he did in Syria last week helped restore America’s influence in the Middle East, after eight years of weak posturing and retreating red lines, followed by further American withdrawal from the world stage, all of which characterised the Obama presidency. President Trump must rise to the challenge and make America the leader of the free world, but he must do this by preventing a wider conflict with Russia. Russia is no longer the Soviet Union. It’s no longer communist. Between 1945 and 1991, the Russian threat was communism, not Russian nationalism. Indeed, Russia never attacked other countries after the fall of the Tsars, except to spread communism. But Russian communism is gone.

So the United States must not try to revive the hostilities of the Cold War. Europe today is in many ways more communist than today’s Russia. So was Obama’s America. President Trump must bring Russia back into the family of Western nations. The danger to America and the West comes from two sources today, namely Islamist radicalism and non-Russian communism, both within the West and externally. China, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela are still dangerous communist countries. And it is the crisis in North Korea that is the biggest challenge President Trump faces today. The threat of nuclear war looms larger that at any time since the Cold War.

David Semple is Manchester Tory and film maker/broadcaster from Canada. David has also worked for Thorn EMI and Rank Films as a legal practitioner. David’s new film “Jerusalem Syndrome: A Journey To The Centre Of The Universe” will be released this year.

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