The World Crisis: East Asia and the nuclear peril

The world crisis: East Asia and the nuclear peril

Posted on April 26, 2017

Leaving aside the old colonialist-colour metaphor of the Yellow Peril, much talked about in the West one hundred years ago, there is indeed a East Asia peril staring at us with fanatical nuclear menace as North Korea tries to drag China into its war with the United States
By David Semple        

When my mother was a schoolgirl in 1920s London, everyone used to talk about the Yellow Peril. Just as the Chinese suffer from “master race” syndrome in the 21st century, so the West suffered a fear of China taking over the world during the early years of the 20th century. We now live in a society in which the “other” is your next door neighbour, as most cities in the West have re-united our former colonial subjects as fellow citizens in our increasingly post-Western society. The “other” is no longer something we live in fear of precisely because we have become used to our cities transforming into collections of ethnic ghettoes.

The most famous fictional representation of the Yellow Peril was the character Fu Manchu, in a series of novels written by Sax Rohmer: “Imagine a person, tall, lean and feline, high-shouldered, with a brow like Shakespeare and a face like Satan, … one giant intellect, with all the resources of science past and present … Imagine that awful being, and you have a mental picture of Dr. Fu-Manchu, the yellow peril incarnate in one man.” (The Insidious Dr. Fu-Manchu)

Fu Manchu, a mastermind criminal who was an agent of the Si-Fan secret society, plotted assassinations against those he considered “Western imperialists,” in addition to dealing in the drug trade and selling “white slaves” in the Far East. His murder plots made use of secret society members with knives, using “pythons and cobras …my tiny allies, the bacilli … my black spiders” and natural chemical weapons. He would become a model for later literary or film villains such as Ian Fleming’s Dr No and Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon.

In response to accusations that his books demonised Asians, Sax Rohmer insisted that he based his Yellow Peril characters on Chinese criminals he met when working as a newspaper reporter in London’s infamous East End Limehouse district. “Of course, not the whole Chinese population of Limehouse was criminal. But it contained a large number of persons who had left their own country for the most urgent of reasons. These people knew no way of making a living other than the criminal activities that had made China too hot for them. They brought their crimes with them.”

Boris Karloff played the sinister Dr Fu Manchu in the film “The Mask of Fu Manchu”, which featured a scene where Karloff told an assembled group of caricature Asians, Arabs, Indians and Persians they must “”kill the white men and take their women.” The Chinese Embassy complained about the outright racism of this scene, but it was not until the release of the Republic serial “Drums of Fu Manchu” in 1940 that the United States requested that the studio make no more Fu Manchu films. For China was now America’s ally against Japan. Even Rohmer’s novels were withdrawn from distribution for the duration of the war.

The Yellow Peril is a product of our fear of the unknown. In the 1920s it was fear of Chinese immigrants. Today it is fear of China taking our jobs and our wealth. In the old colonial days, natives on Pacific islands used to wave down the airplanes bringing modern goods from the advanced world. One hundred years later, the people of the West have become the natives consuming industrial goods from China and the Third World. That’s why the standard of living in Western nations for the average worker has not gone up in twenty years. Yet, although China brought hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, there are still a billion poor Chinese peasants. Because China is a totalitarian country, it is unlikely that the dictators who run it will be able turn China into a wealthy modern nation with a higher standard of living. Capitalism cannot create wealth without freedom and China is unlikely ever to become a free nation. On the other hand, freedom in the West is undermined by the disappearance of mass employment from our shores. Our modern welfare states will not be sustainable as our people become poorer and poorer and real wages continue to decline. There will not be enough productive wealth to fund state welfare and free healthcare. In the end, as China fails to climb out of feudalism because its leaders live in fear of freedom, so freedom will disappear from the West as it becomes more poorer, more violent and more feudalistic.

Western investment banks have undermined our freedoms and liberties by completely deserting their own people in order to take advantage of the authoritarian slave labour industrial systems of China. In the end, markets will shrink as less and less people in the West can afford to buy imports from the Third World, while totalitarianism will keep China and the Third World poor. The Globalism of free trade will destroy us all. China will remain a modern totalitarian society unable to climb out of poverty, while the former industrial nations of the West will become Third World countries. Yet no political leaders in the West are willing to take the necessary measures to preserve our standard of living. The inevitable political fate of Europe and much of America will see the rise of police states in place of our free democracies as people begin to revolt against their fate. The rise of the Yellow Peril has lead to the decline of the Western Enlightenment and will end in the destruction of freedom, the only thing worth living for.

The continued survival of the Communist Party in both China and North Korea poses a real threat to world peace. China is becoming very dangerous as it embarks on an imperialist expansion into the Pacific Ocean. North Korea is China’s dangerous wild card junior partner, threatening America, South Korea and Japan with nuclear attack. Bill Clinton’s appeasement of North Korea delivered to Kim Jong-Il’s regime nuclear weapons just as Obama’s appeasement of Iran will deliver nuclear weapons to the Mad Mullahs. The Ayatollahs of Iran believe in imminent end of the world and the return of the Twelve Imam. This madness is made worse by their wish to annihilate Israel and destroy America.

In North Korea, the same madness on is display for all of us to see in the regime of third generation communist dictator Kim Jong-un, son of the infamous Kim Jong-Il, who was outlandishly lampooned in the satirical American film “Team America’ as the worldwide head of international terrorism. Our problem is that, as ludicrous as the goose-stepping armies of Kim Jong-Un look in the 21st century, North Korea is no joke. Like Fu Manchu, Kim Jong-un resembles a James Bond villain who wants to wreak havoc throughout the world, a dictator with the mind of a super-criminal rather than a responsible statesman or even a communist fighting an ideological war with the West. He wants to develop inter-continental ballistic missile systems which will allow him to nuke cities in the United States. Meanwhile, he shoots lots of test missiles out into the Pacific to intimidate South Korea and Japan, regularly provoking the United States. President Obama did nothing to stop North Korea’s blatantly hostile behaviour. Obama was all talk and no action. Now President Trump is faced with the same challenge of responding to the communist dictator with the world’s worst haircut, to get North Korea to abandon its nuclear missile program.

This week, the North Korean Foreign Minister went on television to warn the Americans that Trump’s “madcap nuclear war provocations” violated the sovereignty of his nation and claimed to possess a “powerful nuclear deterrent” which enables his regime to fight a “total war with an all out war”. On Monday April 24th, hawkish Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham had dinner with President Trump, following which the latter sent a tweet announcing President Trump “is NOT going to let the nutjob in North Korea deliver a missile – with a nuclear weapon that can hit the US.” According to Senator Graham, “Trump doesn’t want a war any more than I do, but he’s not going to let them get a missile. That’s where they’re headed. And China needs to up their game to stop this before it gets too late.” President Trump condemned “the status quote in North Korea” as “unacceptable,” insisting that the United Nations “must be prepared to impose additional sanctions on North Korean nuclear and ballistic missile programs.” It was only a month ago when Senators McCain and Graham were harsh critics of the new American president, who had criticised Presidents Bush’s and Obama’s involvement in overseas wars during his election campaign. Now, faced with the reality of international politics, President Trump is more hawkish. He invited all one hundred US Senators to the White House for a briefing on North Korean as the USS Michigan, a nuclear powered Ohio class submarine pulled into the South Korean port of Busan for “hull checks”. Meanwhile, the USS Vinson aircraft carrier strike group is preparing to do exercises in the Sea of Japan, while Japan has sent two warships to join the American aircraft carrier group as it approaches Korean waters.

Crises come and crises go, but few of them lead to major wars. But this is a nuclear crisis. And it threatens to reach Cuban Missile Crisis proportions as the on-again off-again North Korean cold war with the United States comes closer to hot war than at any time in decades. There was no peace treaty at the end of the Korean War in the 1950s, only an armistice. People in Japan are heading for their nuclear bunkers while South Korea realises that Kim Jong-un’s million man army, with its eight million reserve troops, could take out their country at Hitlerite speed. Meanwhile, China is not very helpful as it loses control of its junior partner in Marxist-Leninist militant madness. If the United States is dragged into a military conflict to save South Korea from invasion and Japan from being nuked, China will run to the defense of its fellow communist comrades. And it will all be the fault of recent Chinese governments, for they allowed Kim Jong-un and his father to turn North Korea into something resembling Mussolini’s Italy run by Dr Fu Manchu with weaponry and military might similar to Nazi Germany. Leaving aside the old colonialist-colour metaphor of the Yellow Peril, much talked about in the West one hundred years ago, there is indeed a East Asia peril staring at us with fanatical nuclear menace as North Korea tries to drag China into its war with the United States.

David Semple is Manchester Tory and film maker/broadcaster from Canada. David has also worked for Thorn EMI and Rank Films as a legal practitioner. David’s new film “Jerusalem Syndrome: A Journey To The Centre Of The Universe” will be released this year.

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