MEND Exposed

June 3rd 2017
MEND Exposed


By David Semple

Last year I attended an interfaith meeting in Manchester dedicated to ending racism in Britain and hatred between religious groups. Dr Siema Iqbal promoted an organisation to which she belongs, called Mend, Muslim Engagement and Development. Mend seeks to stop what Dr Iqbal calls “Islamophobia” and end all criticism of Islam in Britain. Indeed, its director of engagement, Azad Ali, has in the past praised al-Qaeda’s Anwar al-Awlaki and is not very fond of “democracy, if it means at the expense of not implementing the Sharia, of course no-one agrees with that.” He did indeed support the killing of British troops in the War on Terror.

Sufyan Ismail, Mend’s chief executive, claims that British law allows violence against Muslims while protecting other minority groups. This is blatantly not true. But Dr Iqbal complains that religious groups are not entitled to the same protections as racial minority groups in Britain. Mend’s Muslim Manifesto even goes so far as to call for “insulting Islam” to be a criminal offence in Britain.

Dr Iqbal was highly critical of the freedom of the press in Britain. And many in the group discussion agreed with her. When people start calling for the freedom of the press and freedom of expression to be controlled by the government, you know that British society is on the slippery slope to totalitarianism. But Mend does not have a problem with limiting freedom of expression when it comes to Muslims expressing their hatred of Jews and Israel. They endorse it.

Now let us go back just two years and see the freedom that Dr Iqbal promotes, the freedom to boycott British stores that sell Israeli goods and the freedom to support Palestinian terrorist groups, such as Hamas, on the streets of Manchester.

On July 24 2014 I received a tweet saying, “You stupid son of a whore!! Hope you die a violent death!” Why did I receive this? Because the tweeter was supporting the Palestine Solidarity Movement, an organisation that was staging a summer-long boycott of the Kedem cosmetics store in Manchester during the Hamas missile war against Israel in 2014. This charming tweet was in response to a tweet I had sent, “Manchester police doing good job protecting Kedem Cosmetics/keeping rabid pro-Islamist Palestinian Jew-haters at bay.”

Every day from mid-July until mid-September 2014, the Palestinian organisation’s boycott team showed up to shout “Palestine will be free from the river to the sea.” This was a genocidal call for the complete destruction of Israel between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. Every day the Jewish community defending Kedem faced white English racists, Marxist middle class professionals, Socialist Worker thugs, self-hating Jews, Pakistanis, Arabs, and Hamas supporters calling members of Manchester’s Jews “Zio-Nazis.” Sometimes they said, “We love Hitler.” Sometimes they yelled “Dirty Jew!”

The anti-Kedem mob, sometimes dozens, sometimes hundreds in strength, came to attack a Jewish business in the city centre of Manchester. I found it hard to believe I was living in England during the 21st century. Or England, anytime, for that matter. During the Palestine Solidarity campaign against Kedem, I felt like I was living in a completely foreign country somewhere in continental Europe eighty years ago. Manchester in July 2014 suddenly became Mittel-Europa when my parents in London were facing the dictators in 1940.

Dr Iqbal, of Mend, was there at Kedem too. She tweeted, “Exactly stupid are you? What does the flag of Palestine have to do with Islam?” Good question, Dr Iqbal, as Palestine is the Jewish homeland, occupied by Muslims for 1300 years but now free of Muslim occupation, it has nothing to do with Islam. Jews are the real Palestinians. Arabs are foreign settlers brought in by the Muslim occupiers of Palestine.

Palestine, which Dr Iqbal did not seem to acknowledge, is now called Israel, and the Arab terrorists she was supporting were trying to restore Muslim occupation in the ancient land of the Jewish people. For centuries in Palestine, Muslims first ethnically cleansed the Jewish majority population, then carried out pogroms against the surviving Jewish minority just to drive the jihadi nail in the coffin of the once-Jewish nation.

Dr Iqbal then favorited the following tweet, which was about myself, “Fat Dave pretends he isn’t interested yet he stood next to the zionists yesterday spouting garbage.”

Dr Iqbal demonstrated a rabid hatred of a Jewish store in Manchester. When a poster highlighting Islamic terrorism was used outside Kedem, Dr Iqbal, who fully supports the Islamist agenda of Mend, tweeted, “RETWEET. ZIONISTS INCITING RELIGIOUS HATRED IN MANCHESTER.” This was tweeted by a member of this anti-Jewish protest supporting the genocidal Gaza branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, called Hamas, a movement which wants to wipe Israel off the map and destroy Western civilisation.

Dr Iqbal was obviously not a fan of Israel or Western civilisation. You cannot support sharia law or Hamas and uphold the values of the West. But then again, Dr Iqbal dresses like a Westerner, yet fully supports the goals of Islam, a religion which wants to conquer the world.

Dr Iqbal was paranoid about Israel. Tweeting on August 14 2014, “RETWEET: MANCHESTER shop #kedem LINKED TO ISRAELI GOVERNMENT #BoycottIsrael #Palestine @PSCupdates #Gaza,” Dr Iqbal then tweeted “was Hitler a Muslim?” Well, Dr Iqbal, Hitler supported Islam and the Arabs. And many of her fellow Palestine Solidarity protesters “love Hitler.”

Dr Iqbal, a supporter of racist Jew-hating Arabs, then tweeted to David Cameron and George Galloway MP saying about myself, “So this is a Tory supporter. RACIAL HATRED.” This accusation of racial hatred came from a woman who supports Muslim supremacist organisations that just happen to have it in for the world’s only Jewish state. That’s anti-Semitism! Welcome to “multicultural” Britain, where people from Third World countries are taught in Wahabi mosques to hate Jews and Israel, and are free to vent their hatred of Israel and Jews on the streets of Manchester without being arrested.

Dr Iqbal believes in freedom of speech when it comes to attacking Israel but not when it comes to attacking Islam, a religion which calls for the destruction of all non-Muslim cultures.

Unlike Judaism and Hinduism, Islam is a supremacist religion which purports to carry God’s final message to mankind. Jews, on the other hand, see themselves as “a light unto the nations” but do not seek converts to their religion. Christianity does not teach violent supremacism, although for many centuries the Catholic Church carried out crusades to restore Christianity in the Muslim-occupied Near East. Islam, on the other hand, has always been a violent religion which uses the jihad to spread its empire, called the ummah.

During most of the Middle Ages, Christendom was at war with Islam in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Near East. Both sides murdered each other and murdered millions of Jews in the clash of civilisations. The West today does not seek to destroy Islam. We live in secular states with a separation of Church and State. There is no such separation in Islam, which is a political religion which seeks to create a worldwide state, the ummah, which controls completely the lives of the human race under the supremacy of Islamic law, called sharia.

Dr Iqbal knows that the Muslim demographic is growing rapidly and that a quarter of young people in Britain will soon be Muslims who share Islam’s mission to create the worldwide ummah under sharia law. She even goes so far as to say that, with Muslims now 5% of the British population, Muslims should control 18 members of parliament. In Britain, we do not practise democracy by ethnic group or religious groups, we elect our MPs for their individual qualities and not because they represent a group within British society. But that is not how Mend sees democracy. They want sharia law to replace democracy.

Mend promotes Muslim hate-preachers such as Haitham al-Haddad, who describes democracy as “filthy” and says that “all the kuffar will go to hellfire.” Mr Haddad also says Muslims are “allowed to vote for a kafir [infidel] system in order to avoid a bigger kafir system taking power.”

Another such hate-preacher supported by Mend is Abu Eesa Niamatallah who calls British people “animals,” demands that women should not work, and attacks democracy, saying “the Creator is the one who should decide what the laws should be.” This is Mend. Here in Britain to defend Islam while its members boycott Jewish stores in Manchester.

If Dr Iqbal and her colleagues at Mend get their way, and freedom of speech is destroyed in order to protect Muslim supremacists and Muslim terrorists, then Britain will cease to be a free nation.

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