Facing The Dictators

June 18, 2018


This is an article which I wrote last year for Israel News Online, which I have revised and updated today.

Anthony Eden’s memoir of his time at the Foreign Office during the 1930s was entitled Facing The Dictators. Britain has been facing the unelected dictators of Europe and the European Union for over a century. Europe has a German Problem and it’s not going away. Appeasement of Germany didn’t work in the 1930s nor has it worked in the years since Britain joined the EEC in 1973. Membership of the EU means submission to unelected dictators. It means submission to German power. Europe is hostile to British independence. Britain will be better off facing the dictators from outside the EU as a sovereign nation.



Facing The Dictators

By David Semple

Great Britain, its Dominions and Empire, together with the United States and the Soviet Union, saved European civilization from complete annihilation by Nazi Germany in the 1940s, only for the next generation of Europeans to treat the British people with complete contempt during the Brexit negotiations.

Europeans, millions of whom live in denial of their legacy of evil in the 1940s, in particular of their complicity in crimes of the Holocaust, have taken out their guilt for the murder of seven million Jews by supporting anti-Jewish boycotts against the State of Israel and funding and actively supporting the openly jihadist Palestinian Authority and its campaign to destroy the State of Israel.

The spectre of Kristallnacht, the 1938 German pogrom against Jews in the Third Reich, is still haunting the continent of Europe today, from Paris to Berlin and from Brussels to Malmo.

The arrogance of the European Union grows with the passing of each year as Europe continues to decline further and further into political and economic insignificance. In the world economy, this once mighty continent grows smaller and smaller as the European Union and its bureaucracy grows larger and larger. Europeans now move to Britain to get jobs. The British people, though not thus far their weak political leaders, are pulling up the drawbridge on the free movement of labour from the continent to Great Britain.

The Europeans are bitter, taking out the frustrations for all their internal problems on Brexit. Germany is now determined to undermine post-Brexit Britain as a warning to other nations which may consider leaving the European Union. Thus, Britain is being treated with greater hostility by the European Union and some of its member states than at any time since the days of Adolf Hitler.

Britain and Europe are heading towards a hostile divorce as all the differences between Anglo-Saxon civilization and European civilization rise to the surface after being swept under the carpet between 1973 and 2016. The British people have much more in common with their overseas cousins in the English-speaking world than their continental neighbors. English America gave us the Declaration of Indepedence and the Constitution of the United States, the greatest statement of fundamental principles for national governance in world history, whereas Europe gave us Communism, Nazism and Fascism.

Britain is heading towards a political Dunkirk. The sooner we face up to that inevitability, the better for the English-speaking people. Our linguistic cousins, the French people, with whom we have the most in common, are trapped in a similar situation to that which the British people found themselves before the Brexit referendum. As in 1940, however, France may not find its way out of the EU. This may change, however, if Britain stands up to Germany and the EU. The spirit of Charles de Gaulle may yet return to haunt Germany if Britain can show France that there is a way out.

Since 1871 the German Problem has overshadowed the European continent. Germany, in its psychological revolt against the values of Judeo-Christian civilization, succeeded in reducing the continent of Europe from the centre of world power in 1900 to political and economic decline at fringes of the global economy today. Since the German struggle for the mastery of Europe almost destroyed European civilization completely in 1945, the people of Europe have turned their Christian values upside down. As Christianity declines rapidly in 21st Century Europe, the leaders of the European Union have gone out of their way to encourage the Islamization of Western Europe. Germany, under the leadership of Chancellor

Angela Merkel, speeded up the pace of Islamization by inviting millions of Muslim migrants into her country. She welcomed Jew-haters from Africa and Asia to flood into the EU, which led directly to a rapid rise in anti-Jewish in Europe. Mrs Merkel is doing to Europe what the Celjic Turks did to Asia Minor in the Middle Ages, transforming Europe into the new Caliphate.

Staff writers of German newspaper, Der Spiegel, wrote an article several years ago entitled, “The Fourth Reich: What Some Europeans See when They Look At Germany”. (March 23rd 2015). They interviewed a former Greek resistance fighter from the Second World War, now a Syriza Party MEP, who said that it is today the German business leaders, not German soldiers, who have a stranglehold on his country. “German capital dominates Europe and it profits from the misery in Greece”, according to 93-year old Manilos Glezos, who went on to say that Germany’s “relationship with Greece is comparable to that between a tyrant and his slaves.”

According to Der Spiegel’s staff writers: “For a long time, it was primarily the Germans who obsessed about their country’s Nazi past, but recently, other countries in Europe have joined them. Chancellor Angela Merkel with a Hitler moustache, German tanks heading south: There has been a flood of such caricatures in Greece, Spain, Britain, Poland, Italy and Portugal in recent weeks and years. And Nazi symbols have become de rigueur at anti-austerity demonstrations.” People have even begun talking about the “Fourth Reich,” a reference to the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler. That may sound absurd given that today’s Germany is a successful democracy without a trace of national-socialism and that no one would actually associate Merkel with Nazism.

However, further reflection on the word “Reich,” or empire, may not be entirely out of place. “The term refers to a dominion, with a central power exerting control over many different peoples. According to this definition, would it be wrong to speak of a German Reich in the economic realm?”

Since the Euro was introduced, Europe has diminished as a world economic power, yet Germany’s dominance of the EU, both politically and economically, has become bad for the rest of Europe. Europe is not doing well precisely because of the rising power of the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the German Government.



The German dream of dominating Europe, which inspired Kaiser Wilhelm to start the First World War and Adolf Hitler to start the Second World War, has now been realised in the 21st Century, this time without the necessity of military conquest. The Germans lost both world wars. Britain outsmarted both the Kaiser and Hitler and saved Europe from German tyranny. But today, Britain has been outsmarted by Germany, after agreeing to become the “Vichy France” of the European Union, a nation in decline, politically dominated by Germany and the European Union.

Meanwhile, the German people, the “master race” of Hitler’s New Order, no longer believe in themselves. Germans no longer have enough babies to sustain their demographic. Hitler’s Nazism was centred on German nationalism and hatred of Jews. Today we have European supra-nationalism, German economic domination and rising antisemitism and anti-Zionism throughout the whole of this European Fourth Reich. Thus, we are facing the same problem we faced in the time of Bismarck, and during the 1930s, the rise of German-style bureaucratic socialism and German-style intolerance of individual freedom and democratic accountability. The European Commission is neither democratic nor accountable to the people of Europe.

The German problem is still with us. It has become the European problem. The Germans have become the centre of a new Austro-Hungarian style empire, where the forces of nationalism and national pride take second place to the power structures which dominate Brussels and Berlin. Our failure to punish most of the German war criminals after the end of the war in 1945 set a bad example for every generation born since the war.

Thus, Europeans have not faced up to their responsibility for the Holocaust, which was a crime of industrial-scale genocide designed to kill all European Jewry. Today, Europeans attack Israel and support Palestinian terrorists. Most of the corporations, and the owners thereof, which contributed to the Nazi extermination infrastructure got away without being punished for their participation in the industrial genocide of seven million Jews. It is the West’s failure to bring a proper resolution to the German problem after the end of Second World War that lead directly to the demise of the nation states of Europe, now mere provinces of a third rate Roman Empire for our times.

After the success of Operation Overlord, the invasion of France in June 1944 in which Anglo-American forces liberated France from Nazi rule, senior Nazis began to prepare for their roles in the post-war world, after the inevitable defeat of the Third Reich. One meeting took place at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg on August 10th 1944. In attendance were the representatives of the top German companies, who were instructed by senior Nazi officials to prepare for the return to power of the Nazi Party in a “strong German empire.”

Through a secret network of front companies, the industrialists were instructed to send money abroad through Swiss banks, then use those funds to take over Germany once more and to work with the Nazi Party to rebuild Germany’s economy. The Fourth German Reich, in contrast to Hitler’s Reich, would become an economic power rather than a military power. Having looted Europe of its wealth, Nazi Germany exported billions of dollars in capital, much of it stolen money, through Zurich-based banks to neutral countries. According to one senior official in the Nazi Armaments Ministry, “As soon as the Nazi party becomes strong enough to re-establish its control over Germany, the industrialists will be paid for their effort and co-operation by concessions and orders.”

During the last stages of the war, Heinrich Himmler was actively separating the SS from state and party control, building SS-owned industries. Using concentration camp slave labour, Himmler developed businesses in order to create a revenue stream independent of the state. This would produce an economic base for the SS so they could continue to pursue ideological Nazi goals after the defeat of Germany. These businesses included weapons factories.

Ludwig Erhard was an economist who had been working with the SS and the IG Farben company, connected with Auschwitz and other Nazi extermination camps. He looked at new ways of developing a post-war economy, insisting that monetary stabilization was essential for Germany’s industrial conglomerates to rebuild their economic empires across Europe.

Supranationalism was Erhard’s solution to the revival of German economic power, the same concept of a German-dominated customs union promoted originally by Kaiser Wilhelm. Erhard, despite his SS connections, became Germany’s first post-war economics minister. The German companies that helped rebuild post-war Europe with money stolen by Nazi Germany during the war were the same companies which used 2,700,000 slave labourers to support Hitler’s war. Those companies included great multinational businesses such as Volkswagen, Krupps and IG Farben, who created the gas used to exterminate Jews at Auschwitz.

One former IG Farben executive, Hermann Abs, became West Germany’s most powerful banker. He was put in charge of allocating Marshall Aid to German industries after the war. West Germany was one of the founding members of the European Coal and Steal Community, the supranational foundation stone upon which the European Union was built. The SS economic empire built in the dying days of the Second World War was built on plunder and murder. The economic rebirth of post-war Germany was dependent on this money. Thus, Germany’s post-war revival was built on the slave labour and mass murder of Jews during the Holocaust.



Hitler’s Nazi Germany was worse than the Kaiser’s Second Reich, worse than the murderous communist regimes of Soviet Russia and Mao’s China. Historian John Lukacs was correct when he called National Socialism the greatest threat to Western civilization. “The greatest and most dynamic power in the world was not Soviet Russia. It was the Third Reich of Germany. The greatest revolutionary of the twentieth century was not Lenin or Stalin. It was Hitler”, wrote Lukacs in his book “Five Days In London May 1940” (1999), “It was thus that in 1940 he represented the wave of the future. His greatest reactionary opponent, Churchill, was like King Canute, attempting to withstand and sweep back that wave. And – yes, mirabile dictu – this King Canute succeeded: because of his resolution and – allow me to say this – because of God’s will, of which, like every human being, he was but an instrument. He (Churchill) was surely no saint, he was not a religious man, and he had many faults. Yet so it happened.”

Since the unification of Germany in 1871, the German problem has brought about the collapse of the European great powers and the diminishment of Europe’s place in the world to its lowest point since the discovery of America in 1492. Both Kaiser Wilhelm and Adolf Hitler rejected the Europe of liberal capitalist nation states which helped create the Modern world. They used war as an instrument to subjugate the people of Europe under German domination. Germany, unlike Spain, France and Britain, was a new nation filled with very old prejudices. It was worse than that. It rejected the liberal values that brought the European Enlightenment to the wider world. Germany could not be a nation like other nations. It had to be better. For Hitler, it was all or nothing, European domination or national destruction. But something happened when Nazi Germany was defeated.

Europe lost confidence in Western values. Christianity slowly began to crumble, with nothing ethical to replace it. The New World saved Europe from Hitler’s New Dark Age, the dark age of Nazism, which rejected completely the Judeo-Christian values upon which Western civilization was built.

But the United States could not put Europe back together again. Europeans became dependent on America’s military might and its nuclear deterrent. Thus, the alternative vision of supranationalism, recommended by Winston Churchill and supported by the Americans, gave rise to the European Economic Community.

The fall of communism in Soviet central Europe brought about the reunification of former communist East Germany and democratic West Germany, a country built from the ashes of the Nazi regime by many war criminals and bureaucrats of the Hitler era. Margaret Thatcher tried to stop German re-unification. She instinctively knew that a united Germany could become possessed once again by the ghosts of the Second and Third Reich’s. And she was right.

The European Union was created out of the old EEC just in order to prevent the return of German nationalism, to allay the fears of other European states. Mrs Thatcher knew that a “united states of Europe” run by unelected bureaucrats would become just another tool for German domination. That’s why she said, “No, no, no” just before she was booted out of No 10 Downing Street by an ungrateful Conservative Party.



From the time of its formation in 1993, the European Union has taken on all the bad influences it inherited from its predecessor states, the collectivist incompetence of East Germany, the unrelenting bureaucracy of Austria-Hungary, the willful  arrogance and autocracy of the Kaiser Wilhelm’s Second Reich and the resentful anti-Americanism of the French Fifth Republic.

The introduction of the Euro single currency just made matters worse. Germany became the powerhouse of the European Union as the states of southern Europe, not to mention France, fell into economic decline. Germany used the Euro to benefit its own exports to the Mediterranean states, keeping the value of the Euro high. Trapped inside the Eurozone, Italy, Spain and Greece could no longer devalue their currencies to set their economic houses in order and to pay off their rising national debts; debts forced on these countries by Germany itself in order to bail out the indebted countries’ rapidly decaying banking sectors. Devaluation, or leaving the Euro, would have been a better option. But then devaluation would have freed Greece or Spain from the control freakery of Chancellor Merkel’s Germany. This is not an option Germany wants to allow.

For Mrs Merkel and the unelected bureaucrats who run the European Union, “ever closer union” has always been the chosen path for Europe. Trapped in Germany’s economic and political stranglehold, the small nations are now afraid to leave the union. Yet, as “ever closer union” becomes reality, these former nation states will be trapped in a German-dominated European super state with no way out. The European Union, created to solve “the German problem”, has become the graveyard of European civilization.

When de-Nazification programs were introduced in western Germany by the Anglo-American powers after the fall of Hitler, Germans played the democracy game and tried to reject their totalitarian past. But it was too hard to de-Nazify a generation educated in the ways of National Socialism. What did work to control the German ego was the humiliating defeat of May 1945 and total military occupation for a further four years, more than any real remorse for their Nazi crimes. This forced the Germans to embrace democracy and Western values from the generous hands of the Anglo-American powers.

Hitler was the most popular leader in a thousand years of German history. The Germans fought until their nation was completely destroyed to save their “beloved” Fuhrer. It’s funny how the East and West German peoples both embraced completely opposing values from their Soviet and Anglo-American patrons. The ghosts of totalitarianism are not far below the surface inside the German soul.

And that old German hatred of Jews, expressed with complete conviction by the vast majority of German people during the era of the Third Reich, cannot be far below the surface of this new Germany, redesigned as it is to conform to the new European ideology of tolerant multiculturalism.



The Anglo-Americans went through the motions of de-Nazification in Germany, but no such program was introduced in the other European nations liberated from Nazi occupation. Thus in France and Holland, both countries which went through four years of Nazification and/or Nazi occupation, antisemitism is on the rise once again. Jews are leaving Europe not just because the new Muslim immigrants are bringing their antisemitism into the old cities of Europe. The Europeans themselves have embraced a new form of Jew-hatred, anti-Zionism, or hatred of Israel. Because of their obvious guilt for complicity in the Holocaust, it is seen as politically unacceptable for Europeans to be openly anti-Jewish. So they express their Jew-hatred against the only Jewish state in the world, Israel. European political elites have supported the creation of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza precisely because they know this Palestinian state will be used by the Arabs to destroy Israel. But they disguise this anti-Zionism as support for the “human rights” of the Palestinian Arabs, for whom the Europeans in reality have complete contempt. The European masses, on the other hand, indulge in support for the Palestinian BDS movement in order to express their inner Jew-hatred.

Jew-hatred, in fact, did lay at the inner core of Hitler’s obsessive National Socialism, not that it was exactly absent under the rule of the Kaiser, who saw Jews as the ‘parasites of my empire’, a people he believed were “twisting and corrupting” Germany. Hitler, however, turned the German state into the main instrument of conducting his policy against Jews from the early months of the Third Reich. Europeans, on the other hand, do nothing to ban anti-Israel BDS demonstrators who march down the streets of their inner cities chanting “free, free Palestine from the river to the sea”, which is an openly racist chant promising to ethnically cleanse Jews from the whole of the State of Israel.

What then is the difference between Hitler’s racist anti-Jewish laws and the European Union’s current policy of labelling goods from Judea and Samaria, the Golan Heights and east Jerusalem?

The Third Reich boycotted Jewish shops and forced Jews to wear a yellow Star of David on their clothing. The European Union labels goods from the above territories and makes a big fuss when Israel passes a law banning anti-Israel NGOs, funded by the EU, from operating inside Israel. “Europe has a problem with properly grasping the fact that Israel exists as a sovereign Jewish state, whose integrity under international law it must respect in the same way it respects the integrity of other states,” wrote Judith Bergman recently in Algemeiner, “It is furious that it can no longer meddle secretly in Israel’s internal affairs by financing local NGOs that further its agendas to destabilize Israel and ruin its image abroad.”



Perhaps there is not much difference at all between the discrimination against Jews in the early days of the Third Reich, before genocide was put on the agenda, and the anti-Israel policies of the European Union. After all, antisemitism is seriously on the rise today in Europe and Israel is the only Jewish state. Europe’s anti-Zionist agenda, should it succeed in destroying Israel and replacing it with an Arab supremacist Muslim state called Palestine, would leave the Jewish People in a very vulnerable situation should Europe go further down the road towards authoritarian antisemitism.

Perhaps this European Union will last a thousand years. The post-Nazis may succeed where their forefathers failed. But I doubt it. Massive Muslim immigration on the scale of millions of Islamist Jew-haters every year, is already provoking disunion in the EU. Rising nationalism in France, and central (Hungary) and eastern (Poland) Europe, ironically expressed through the rise of “national socialist” parties, is going to be a challenge to Germany’s post-war path towards a “united states of Europe”.

Germany’s economic domination of the European Union, despite token “war reparations”, is built on the German extermination camps and the slave labour of Jews during the Holocaust. The emerging new generations have no longer any memory or interest in this historical truth.

The irony of Merkel’s Germany today is that Germany, by flooding Europe with Muslim refugees, is spearheading the destruction of Western civilization under the guise of multiculturalism and humanitarianism.

There are many members of the Establishment in Britain who want to reverse Brexit before it happens. Former prime ministers Tony Blair and John Major have joined the voices of fellow Europhiles Nick Clegg, Michael Heseltine and Kenneth Clarke in pleading the case for continued British membership of the EU as it evolves into a federalist United States of Europe dominated by Germany. These are the voices of the generation of  corporatist politicians who took Britain on a leftward political journey in the opposite direction of the path originally set out by Margaret Thatcher during the 1980s.  They are not traitors, but like former prime minister Harold Macmillan in the early 1960s, they no longer have confidence Britain’s ability to survive and grow wealthier as an independent nation.

Anthony Eden’s memoir of his time at the Foreign Office during the 1930s was entitled Facing The Dictators. Britain has been facing the unelected dictators of Europe and the European Union for over a century. Europe has a German Problem and it’s not going away. Appeasement of Germany didn’t work in the 1930s nor has it worked in the years since Britain joined the EEC in 1973. Membership of the EU means submission to unelected dictators. It means submission to German power. Europe is hostile to British independence. Britain will be better off facing the dictators from outside the EU as a sovereign nation.

In the near future, the break up of the European Union would be better for the future of the both the English-speaking  people and the peoples of Europe. Perhaps the Europeans would be better off getting rid of federalism, and revert instead to an ordinary free trade treaty.

Nations which, in the 20th Century, committed mass genocide cannot yet be trusted by the democratic nations. Former genocidal nations must therefore be kept in check in order to protect the free world. Thus, not just Germany, but also China, Modern Turkey, Russia and the Islamic world have a recent history of mass genocide and mass persecution of minority groups, in addition to mass murder of their own people. Some of these former murder states are our allies, for instance Germany in NATO. We must build up the power of India and Japan to keep China and Russia in check, and build up the power of France, Israel, Greece and Poland to keep Germany and Turkey in check. At the moment, Germany is most definitely not in check. Germany is out of control.

In the dangerous world which has emerged since the end of the Cold War, the free world is under threat, now more than ever. Not just from external enemies like Turkey, China, Russia and Iran, but also from internal enemies who have immigrated from hostile nations. The terrorism which is taking hold in the free world today is the result of decades of mass immigration from the totalitarian nations.

The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain, the English-speaking nations, must come together to become the policemen of the world and protect the vulnerable nations of the world from future Hitlers, Stalins, Nassers and Saddams and communists, fascists and Islamo-fascists. Together, we must face the dictators.


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  1. David, this is a truly well-researched analysis of what is happening to Europe today. A terrifying prospect of ‘slavery’ under the German economic jackboot.

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