Notes On The War On Terror

May 8th 2018

Notes on the War on Terror

By Focus

A Middle Eastern war is very much on the cards. A former Israeli intelligence general, Eli Ben Meir, has pointed out that:

1) This is the first time that Iran shows the corpses of officers killed by an Israeli attack.

2) This is the most aggressive Russian reaction to such an attack.

3) United States officials have stupidly announced that Israel had notified them in advance but didn’t notify Russia. Sometimes it’s impossible to trust the Americans with any secret!

4) Trump announced he’d like to leave Syria ASAP.

5) Bibi is in a bind. If he “overreacts”, the left would accuse him of trying to save his neck from the corruption charges. Israel is more split than ever.

6) The recent gas attack in Syria is a big F You to the West.

Russia could attack Israeli planes directly (this is unlikely but possible) or get the Iranians or Syrian units to do so. More likely (I think) is a missile/rocket blast over the north of Israel from Syrian land, with Putin instructing Israel not to (over)react.

President Trump prefers to fight via tweets. Nixon-Kissinger and later on Reagan did much more to fight the “axis of evil”. George W Bush was the first American president to declare war on Islamic imperialism. Obama was practically a Muslim brother, and Trump doesn’t seem to give a damn. Although he has finally pulled out of the Iran Deal and recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. These are probably the bravest United States moves against Muslim terrorism since the days of George W.

Looks like the “Cold War” is back. Russia is no longer communist. Therefore, Putin is not the hostile threat to the West that the old Soviets were. In fact, the Brits and the Euros are now the new communists. Since 1989, the West has become very bureaucratic, just like the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. And the West foams at the mouth against Israel, with the exception of President Trump. Remember, Mrs May supported UN resolutions which recognize East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount as Palestinian Arab lands. That’s antisemitism. Putin, on the other hand, is the first ever Russian leader to have good relations with Israel.


I am not a supporter of Russia. Although the Russskies came in handy in the wars against Napoleon, Kaiser Wilhelm and Hitler’s Germany. Yet, duplicitous Stalin was Hitler’s ally 1939-1941. But was Russian appeasement any worse than Britain’s appeasement? Well, yes, because the Russskies made it possible, via exports to Hitler, for the Nazis to steamroll across Western Europe and Poland in 1939-1940.


The Brits and the Euros are ignoring their REAL enemies as they face down Russia. Iran and Turkey, together with all the Islamist terrorist groups scattered around the world, are our real enemies. Israel knows this. But the Europeans are too busy facing off Russia to see their real enemies across the Mediterranean. The Byzantine Empire made the same mistake in the 7th Century. The Greeks fought against Persia, exhausting themselves. Then the Arab hordes moved in and conquered both Persia and the Byzantine Middle East. Within a thousand years, the newly established Islamic ideology destroyed Byzantium (betrayed by Catholic Rome) as the Seljic Turks conqured Constantinople, then Greece and Italy.


The West is waging the last war, the Cold War which ended in 1991, against Russia, ignoring the gathering storm that is blowing from the Middle East; a storm which will be unleashed on an exhausted and failing Europe and Russia at some time in the near future.

Turkey is dangerous under Erdogan’s Islamist police state.

Iran is dangerous under the rule of the fanatical Mullah dictatorship.

Egypt could explode in a jihadiic frenzy if Sisi is ever assassinated or overthrown.

Trump and the Brits are arming the Saudis, who are laughing at the West as they continue to finance the ongoing production line of new Wahabi mosques in the West.

Islam is more powerful than it has been since the Europeans won against the Ottoman Empire at the Gates of Vienna on September 11, 1683.

George W Bush may have had his faults but he was fighting the right war 2001-2008. He came to an understanding with Putin. Trump is starting to go in the right direction. The appointments of Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State and John Bolton as National Security Advisor are already giving US foreign policy a truly American swagger for the first time since George W left the White House.


Russia is potentially dangerous, in Putin’s support of Iran and Turkey, although Russia is no longer a formidable superpower. China, on the other hand, is much more dangerous. And China, like Russia, helps the Islamic terrorists against the West. And they admit it too! But Russia is not the West’s real enemy.

Mrs May’s Cold War is a distraction from the real war. Mrs May protects Islam in Britain, supports the moronic Iran Deal and allowed five Muslim terrorist attacks in the UK in just one year, worse than any other PM. She has done nothing to stop Muslim terrorism. Tough on Russia and soft on Islam. She bans foreigners who criticize Islam from entering the country. Then she wears a head scarf to the mosque.

And she has attacked freedom of speech more than any other leader in modern British history.

President Trump is slowly emerging as the only capable political leader in the West. Perhaps Europe is finished.

With Europe helpless in the face of almost continuous Islamic terror attacks, it looks like the New World may one again have to rescue the Europeans from tyranny. Meanwhile, here in Israel, we are holding the front line in defence of Judeo-Christian civilization.

Focus is Watching Committee’s Israeli correspondent

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