Trump’s Warning Signal To Iran’s Mullahs

May 9, 2018

Bibi was right to publicly reveal all the evidence of Iran’s nuclear arms. He had no choice! There will never be another Trump again. And Trump is using those revelations now.

Trump’s Warning Signal To Iran’s Mullahs

By Focus

British appeasement of Nazi Germany continued relentlessly through the dark years of the 1930s. It reached its climax with the infamous Munich Agreement of September 1938. British prime minister Neville Chamberlain reluctantly abandoned appeasement only after Hitler marched into Czechoslovakia in March 1939. The British people had finally woken up to the Nazi threat. Today, the British people continue to sleepwalk as their cowardly political leaders continue down the dangerous path of appeasement. There is no longer a Churchill available to stop the continued decline of Britain and its European allies.

American appeasement of the Islamic Republic of Iran lasted for almost 40 years, from the day Jimmy Carter put the Mullahs in power in Tehran in January 1979. Until yesterday. With widespead support from the American public, President Trump has terminated the United States’ participation in President Obama’s disgraceful Iran Deal of 2015.

Ladies and gentlemen, this has been the most significant night since the resignation of Neville Chamberlian:

‘When Chamberlain entered the House of Commons on 13 May 1940, for the first time since his resignation, “MPs lost their heads, they shouted, they cheered, they waved their order papers, and his reception was a regular ovation.” However, Churchill was received coolly by the House. Some of Churchill’s great speeches to the House, such as “We shall fight on the beaches“, met with only half-hearted enthusiasm there.’

It’s impossible to explain the tension over here. A minute before Trump’s speech there was a grave announcement on all stations to open the shelters in the Golan Heights and in Zfat, and that very likely those areas would be blasted soon. The smart money was on Trump offering some kind of compromise or conditional withdrawal or whatever, but the great leader closed his eyes, imagined Obama and Hillary standing next to him, and then imagined himself strangling them. Trump, alone amongst leaders in the West, stands alone against Europe’s cowardly appeasement of Iran’s Nazi regime.

Bibi is facing half a dozen corruption cases, Trump is facing a Stormy hurricane. Both have had their greatest moment ever under the sun, and the moon.

Stormy ought to give Donald the best blowjob ever, free of charge. All US presidents, from Reagan onwards caved in to Iran. Only President Trump dared to call the spade a spade. The Sunnite world is delighted, the Shiites are furious, while Iran and Syria coolly calculate the odds, and Putin is the most lethal enigma. The 50K question is whether Trump shall move from rhetoric to enforcement.

The Parsis are 100 times shrewder than the Americans, Israelis and Europeans combined. All the Israeli experts talk about the Parsis hitting the Golan Heights. I am certain they’d surprise us in each and every respect, but they now happily bide their time. Virtually all the Israeli analysts agree that Iran can’t possibly face Israel at this moment. Let’s hope they are right.

As I am typing, the IAF has attacked missile bases in Syria, apparently the very same missiles that caused the alarm to be raised beforehand. Israel has called out many reserve soldiers and pilots and this month of May very much resembles May 1967.

Israel has suddenly shifted from totally indifferent, blasé, Master Chef state of mind(lessness) to the all too familiar pre-war urgency. Again, I am afraid the damn Parsis are much shrewder than us; they might try to pay the Sinai Bedouin a million $USD so that they can launch missiles from Sinai to Israel, or they might just blow up yet another embassy. They might even hit Tel Aviv instead of the Golan Heights. Another obvious target is Bibi and his ministers. We live in interesting times.

Whatever Iran has in store for Israel now will be less than what it had in store once nuclear armed and economically aided by treacherous Obama.

However, even now some of our very senior Intelligence guys aren’t convinced. The missing link is whether Trump has asked Bibi to do so, which is very much possible. Trump wanted it in order to influence American public opinion; he doesn’t give a damn about exposing Mossad’s secrets and modus operandi. And that was the smoking gun he was looking for, though many Israeli experts dismissed that argument. Trump was the first to know all the facts weeks ago. Far more pressure should have been placed on the EuroKrauts behind the scene.

Focus is Watching Committee’s roving correspondent in Israel.

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