England Abandons Israel May 1948

May 14, 2018

England Abandons Israel May 1948

By Focus

In February 1947, the British Labour government of Clement Attlee did something quite extraordinary. Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin, after 40 years of British rule in Palestine, voluntarily decided to hand over control of the British Mandate, which it had acquired from the old League of Nations, to the newly-formed United Nations organization. This was the first time since 1783 that Britain had given up part of its Empire, for that was year in which it granted independence to the United States of America following the end of an English civil war in the Americas lasting almost 7 years.

The British had long before 1947 betrayed their promise to turn Mandate Palestine into a homeland for the Jewish people. In the Palestine White Paper of 1939, Neville Chamberlain’s government abandoned the Zionist mission of the Balfour Declaration by promising to turn the territory over to Arab-majority rule within 10 years. Jewish immigration into Palestine was severely restricted just as Adolf Hitler was about to launch his war for the conquest of Europe and initiate his plan to exterminate the Jews of Europe.

The liberation of Jerusalem and the conquest of Palestine and Syria in 1917-1918 brought the British Empire to its climax, as the Lloyd George government expanded the Empire to its widest reach. The British decision to scuttle Palestine 40 years later set in motion the domino-like collapse of the Empire and killed off the soul of the English nation. Within 70 years, the British people who had faced the Nazi threat alone, without any allies, were governed by politicians who sold their souls to Islamic terrorists like the Palestinian jihadis.

England, by 1947, had served its purpose, which was to become the greatest power in the world, in order to create the Modern World under the rule of law, governed by Christian ethics; and in order to do what the Crusaders could not do, defeat the Muslim Caliphate (the Ottoman Empire) and liberate the Holy Land from over a thousand years of Islamic occupation. In the Balfour Declaration of 1917, Liberal prime minister David Lloyd George decided to give the Jewish people their own nation in Palestine, free of imperialist occupation, which had lasted almost 2,000 years.

The British Empire, during its subsequent Indian Summer, stopped Adolf Hitler’s Nazis from conquering Palestine and exterminating the Jews in the Middle East. Winston Churchill’s England prevented the Nazis from winning the Second World War in 1940-1941 and liberated Europe, together with its American and Russian allies, from Nazi occupation in 1943-45. It failed, however, to save most of the Jews of Europe.

By 1945, the English had finally run out of money. They had sacrificed themselves by saving Christian civilization from its most terrible enemy in a thousand years. Now they wanted and deserved peace and quiet. Britain ceased to be independent when it joined Europe in 1973. Perhaps this was because England was slowly ceasing to be a Christian nation, losing thus its inheritance from Judaism. God rest the English nation.

In Palestine in 1947, the Empire’s time was up too. Thus, 70 years ago, on May 14th 1948, the British Mandate in Palestine came to a disgraceful and ignominious end. The English people, creators of the greatest Empire in world history, no longer had the will to run the world. Or the Empire. Or their own country. They had finally given up. Today, 70 years later, the English people are starting to look like shadows of their glorious ancestors. Those with imagination and ambition often leave the country for the New World. In 1948, Europe was a total wreck and Britain was a tired nation. Old age finished off the Old World.

The fall of the British Mandate lead to the greatest miracle in two thousand years of Judeo-Christian civilization, the declaration of independence of the State of Israel. The English handed the baton back to the Jewish people, who had given them Christian ethics. And Israel gradually rose to become the greatest incarnation of Jewish nationhood in history, while England started to fade away into a tragic European post-Modernism.

England is in danger of losing its moral compass as the challenges of Marxist materialism, inspired by the rise of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, and the rise of Islamic jihad across the face of Europe, utterly destroy what is left of its Hebrew inheritance, from the lesson of Moses’ flight from Egypt in search of freedom from slavery, to the ethics of Jesus’ Sermon On The Mount.

Thus, England must turn away from the foreign policy of the likes of Mrs May, pretending to support Israel while supporting the PLO in United Nations resolutions. England must stop appeasing Israel’s enemies, such as Iran, and make a stronger stand against the Mullahs, who make it plain they want to destroy Israel. England must make good on David Lloyd George’s promise to the Jewish people, and fully support Israel in its fight for survival in the most dangerous part of the world. If the English do so, armed with the freedom promised by Brexit, then England will arise once again to rediscover its greatness.

Winston Churchill supported Zionism. England must now look to Churchill, and not Neville Chamberlain, to guide its foreign policy.

Focus is our roving correspondent in Israel.

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