The crisis in Europe

September 20, 2016

The Crisis In Europe

Europe is in crisis over migration and terror – and Europeans are making it worse

Europe is in crisis over migration and terror – and Europeans are making it worse
By David Semple

Islamic State announced a plan early last year to send 500,000 bogus asylum-seekers to Europe as a “psychological weapon” against the West. Thus, the million and a half Muslim migrants who arrived in Europe last year at the invitation of German chancellor Angela Merkel, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of boat people who have been arriving this year on the shores of Italy, Greece and France from Isis terror bases in Libya, will continue to flood the continent with sleeper cells capable of waging jihad across the whole of Europe and Britain. As President Milos Zeman of the Czech Republic said in June last year, “If European countries accept a wave of migrants, there will be terrorists among them.” He added: “By accepting the migrants, we strongly facilitate the Islamic State.”

In what has amounted to a massive gesture of surrender, Germany has gone out of its way to seduce millions of anti-Jewish Muslims out of countries where Mein Kampf and The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion are best-selling books. Seventy years after the Holocaust, Chancellor Merkel has all but guaranteed that Germany will see the next wave of extreme antisemitism rise from within the same country which embraced the Nazi ideology and its genocidal war against Jews. Already, European antisemitism has reached new heights unseen since the 1930s. Muslim antisemitism in Europe has driven thousands of Jews out of cities such as Malmo and Paris. Antisemitism is taking hold in Germany again, among both Muslims and Germans.

One only has to look at the most recent Islamic terror attacks in Paris, Nice, Brussels and other European cities to see what is in store for the people of Britain and Europe if this flood of anti-Western Muslim migrants is not stopped. Italian Minister for the Interior Angelino Alfano declared early last year that if the “militias of the Caliphate advance faster than the decisions of the international community how can we put out the fire in Libya and stem the migration flows? We are at risk of an exodus without precedent.”

Although a reactionary and an anti-Semite, the Catholic Anglo-French historian Hilaire Belloc (1870-1953) did at least have the foresight to see that while Islam is currently impoverished (both materially and militarily), there is no reason why it should not become “our equal in all those temporal things which now alone give us our superiority over it.” And he pointed out that despite the Crusades, the religion of Islam is “intact” and “therefore its material strength may return.” Belloc argued that “our peril” lies with the contrast between the West’s religious chaos and Islam’s religious certitudes.

A friend from Turkey, who identifies as an Aliwi Kurd, visited England for the first time last year and travelled extensively throughout the country. Before departing for his home in Istanbul, he said: “In England, I see a strong influence of Islam. This is very disturbing, even more disturbing than the Islamization policy of Erdogan in Turkey. This comes as a complete shock to me. Your nation has lost its way.” Beware the rise of Islam, he added, “for with it, you will lose your freedom.”

What are we doing about the Islamization process in Europe? Nothing except furthering its advance. Not only are Europeans not having enough children to sustain the respective populations of the nation states therein (especially Spain, Italy, France and Germany), but uncontrolled immigration to Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Denmark and Sweden has created a European map divided into separate communities, with no-go zones of Islamization situated at the very centres of old European cities such as Malmo, Brussels, Paris, London, Berlin, Rome, Barcelona, Marseilles, Manchester, Copenhagen, Rotterdam and Munich.

Europe is undergoing a massive demographic and cultural transformation, a magnitudinal change unseen since the barbarian invasions in the final years of the Roman Empire. Had a Muslim fifth column existed on this scale during the initial Muslim invasions of Europe in the 8th century, the tide would have turned in favour of Islam. Charles Martel would gone down to defeat in the battlefields of France, and Europe and Britain (and ultimately the USA) would never have created the modern world.

Bernard Lewis, the Middle Eastern and Islamic scholar who turned 100 years old last month, has been saying for some time that Islam could become the dominant force in Europe thanks to left-wing political correctness obsessives who have abdicated the battle for cultural and religious control. Soon, he warned, the only pertinent question regarding Europe’s future will be, “Will it be an Islamized Europe or Europeanized Islam?” The growing sway of Islam in Europe was of particular concern given the rising support within the Islamic world for extremist and terrorist movements, said Lewis.

The post-Christian continent now dominated completely by the European Union has only declined more rapidly during the decade since Professor Lewis’ predictions. Today, Europe is more Islamized that at any time since the Turkish invasions of the 11th-17th centuries and the ending of the Muslim occupation of Spain in the 1490s. At stake are the very foundation stones upon which the West built the Enlightenment three hundred years ago, an Enlightenment which has given us a few hundred years of freedom, together with the scientific and philosophical advancement that transformed the whole world into a global capitalist village from Washington DC to Beijing.

Yet, as the West put its stamp on the world, so the rise in world population has created an increasingly hostile Islamic world which lies right in the middle of this Washington-Beijing world community. The Muslim world is now using its oil power to undermine the non-Muslim nations of the world, creating a new power centre that is philosophically and politically opposed to Christianity, capitalism and freedom on which the modern world was built.

Meantime, Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan is emerging as a major threat. He has succeeded in blackmailing the European Union for protection money, making the leaders of Europe (in particular Angela Merkel) look even worse than the Anglo-French appeasers of the 1930s. Erdogan is threatening to release a second tide of refugees from Syria into Europe if the European Union does not meet his demand for visa-free travel throughout the continent for Turkish citizens. Only last year he made a speech in which he called for Muslims to move into Europe in order to bring about a demographic revolution throughout the continent which will lead to an eventual Muslim takeover of the West before the end of the century.

Since the recent coup attempt in Turkey, Erdogan has been consolidating his grip on power so he can finally complete the Islamization of this former secular Muslim-majority country. Turkey, like Iran, is now an enemy of the West. Its membership of Nato will continue to pose a real dilemma for the next American president. Should an Islamist state like Turkey continue to be a member of the North Atlantic Treaty? And can the United States allow Turkey to fall into the Russian sphere? Erdogan is now playing the Russia card, patching up relations with Putin, while the Obama administration continues to allow Turkey to play both sides in the War on Terror.

Matters aren’t helped by Europe’s own military weakness, a weakness that becomes more tangible when Great Britain is excluded. American troops are light on the ground as the United States retreats further into its Obama-instigated decline. Empowered by Obama’s appeasement, Iran will come to dominate vast swathes of the Muslim world after the defeat of Isis. Then a militarily spineless Europe will be weaker than at any point since the fall of the Byzantine Empire, with a powerful and potentially nuclear Islamic Republic casting its shadow over a cowering Europe. If Europe and the West continue to use Iran as an ally against Isis, we will be left facing a similar threat we faced during the Cold War after the defeat of Hitler. But rather than an Iron Curtain, Europe will have a poorly-policed Mediterranean Sea between the European homeland and an Iranian Caliphate dedicated to the destruction of the West and the end of the world.

Only if the United States reintroduces sanctions against Iran, is the collapse of the Mullocracy possible. This will be highly unlikely if Hillary Clinton is elected. The former secretary of state was responsible for instigating the secret talks with Iran during the first Obama administration and she supported the agreement last year following the Geneva Conference.

There is only one country fully dedicated to the fight against the Islamic holy war raging across the waters of the Mediterranean. That is Israel, which is on the frontline on the defense of the West. If the Jewish state falls to Islam, the Islamic world will be emboldened and continue its third jihad straight into Europe. If only to save itself, Europe must end its complicity in the international delegitimisation of Israel and support the Jewish homeland in its war against terror. Europeans should also intervene in the war against the Islamic State with boots on the ground. Air power is good, but its main value is in the support of operations being carried out by ground troops. After all this is a war, and the battle against Isis must be fought like a war.

Are Europeans willing to make the changes necessary to ensure their survival? On current evidence, I doubt it.